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6 Pics & A Video: Michelle Lewin Is Incredibly Fit

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Michelle Lewin is all about her fitness. Check out these pics showing her results from hitting the gym.

Instagram: @michelle_lewin
Twitter: @michelle_lewin






More of her in light grey yoga pants ›


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  • S R J

    Hot body and buns I’d want to stick my hot dog between :D

  • Pulsar

    She is very manly

  • Mongo

    First pic = nice. The rest = sup dude

  • chrisi

    Jesus mother fucking Christ. What I wouldn’t give just to take her to dinner and smell her hair.

    • Kevin Swanson

      You said it best brother. However I wouldn’t take her to a nice dinner but cut to the chase and have her cut off a big loaf of mushy brown poo all over my chest so I could smear it in. Then I would sniff her turd cutter while she’s wanking my 4 inch purple headed yogurt slinger.

  • Rod Pullen

    First pic: May I breath in your crotch fumes all day while I stroke it?

  • Mickey

    How much does she pay to keep having her shit show up on this site? Attention whore… and nothing remarkable at that.

  • lebron leg cramp

    I found some topless pics online. Body is hard. Face is really hard

  • Lee Hall

    love to get her in the sack !! who am i kidding, she’d kill me !!

  • Raperman

    Like the pics, send more.

  • Evensteven

    First two pics! Can’t get any better than that

  • Piccolo_From_Da_Hood #ZSquad

    this bitch looks like Willem Dafoe in the face!

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