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6 more days of being able to drink rum & egg nog all day, until it switches from being ‘festive’ to a drinking problem.

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  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Kinda Cute…

  • maestro716

    awwww its so small! Its cute haha

  • Rodger


  • Forest

    Hum, all small all round, yumyum!!

  • Antonio Iaccino

    That’s it, pull em nice and high up in there.

  • http://devon.Lakers2416/Facebook.com Devon2416

    Intersting but not bad i hit it

  • fanofgiyp

    Cute lil butt. I think it would fit quite nicely in both my hands.

  • StrokerAce

    I’d share my Yule log with her chimney! Oh yeahhhhhh…….

  • Johnny

    I’ll take that as a Xmas stocking-filler.

  • mRMegoo

    Its like a newborn! All small and cute and stuff! Just makes you wanna pinch its cheeks!

  • taz

    that ass look sweet bent over doggie style

  • viz

    now that is what I call a tight fit body – more!

  • Mike

    Put it under the tree for me, love to unwrap that!

  • aceable

    Epic ass, I just want to cock slap that

  • Eric E

    I have to say, this is one of my faves. Just the right amount of curve for me. Very tasty!

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