Random Girl in Yoga Pants

4/20 IN THE 303

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The submitter(s) of this shot were really adamant on having “420 in the 303″ in their update. Well, here you go. Don’t go ODing on the devil’s lettuce! Keep going for the full shot..

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  • truth

    Yummy little ass

  • Ramon Sykes

    I need to find out where those motherfuckers live, not to stalk but to party!! My boy’s got a few of my favorite things: a girl with an amazing ass and a 40 oz.!! Right the fuck on!( and a 360)

  • Scott

    I’d fuck that till hell froze over and then keep going to stay warm.

  • StrokerAce

    The ’303,’ huh? Well, all I can say is her ass has my cock a mile high! :D

  • jack

    Sweet! What a tease!!!

  • El

    NOTHING like a chick on all fours. A forty will turn a shy girl into a four legged freak.

  • Chris

    HEY NOW!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    I love it nice ass!

  • Lovesbigbooty

    So nice! Probably looks so nice doggy

  • bdg

    I wonder if he’d let me get some of that 40 after I drilled his girl in the ass?

  • Cheeze

    I’d rather the 40

  • Capo Flynn

    I can get nice & deep in that!! but she would have to shift her uterus back in place tho… I would love to suck on her asshole like a straw!

  • Jannnae

    Don’t you wish you could see that naked. I have ;-)

  • cazr23

    Shi ready to fuck her ass..

  • skeelosta

    haha ahhhh man, I love these doggy style shots.

  • nick

    look at that fine ass id bend that over anytime

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