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29 pics of @jellydevote in yoga pants

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We’ve gotten pics of this girl before, but only now can we confirm her authentic Instagram link. It’s @jellydevote, and luckily for you, she takes a shitload of pics. These 29 selfies display her ample boobular region, and her booty which shows signs of lots of squats.





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  • Jack Skell

    Somebody, somewhere, is sick of her shit.

  • Katherine Shipley

    You know how the internet takes you down a weird path and suddenly you’re checking out girls’ asses? I was thinking about how her posting pictures of something she’s been working on and is proud of (her body) is no different than anyone posting pictures of a hobby or accomplishment (DIY, crafting, mountain summits, stunts, etc). I used to think it’s a little trashy. But now, I just wonder what’s behind her desire to make physical beauty her goal. What led her to value that attribute above other goals she might have pursued? The shirt that says she’s training to be the hottest girlfriend he’s ever had is a clue that she’s doing it to be acceptable to a male or males. Not the healthiest form of validation, but don’t we all do that? From an evolutionary perspective, that’s what it’s all about. Your thoughts? Healthy? Trashy? Daddy issues?

  • http://eatabagofdicks.com/ Robostronaut

    Too much plastic.

  • http://sharonsharalike.com/ Sharon Sharalike

    Her body comes pre-photoshopped.

  • Murphys

    You know that she spends all her time looking in the mirror and taking selfies while wondering what the next body part to have modified or enflated will be.

  • Murphys

    yeah, he must be one of her wimpy white nights.

  • Scott Henderson

    Average ass, fake tits, face like a tranny

  • Superman

    Nice fake rack. Too much butt. Too much fake baking. Attention whore.

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