Random Girl in Yoga Pants

29 pics of @jellydevote in yoga pants

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We’ve gotten pics of this girl before, but only now can we confirm her authentic Instagram link. It’s @jellydevote, and luckily for you, she takes a shitload of pics. These 29 selfies display her ample boobular region, and her booty which shows signs of lots of squats.





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  • first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    I would definitely make a milkshake with any of her sweaty thongs after she finishes her workout and takes a massive shit after her protein shake digests.

    Wow. What a babe.

    And whay an attention whore. Thank god for instagram, camera phones, and hot girls looking for validation!

    A P P R O V E D

    Go ahead and play with yourselves and your tiny dicks with these pictures. You deserve it.

    • first is a fag

      Your a fag

      • Tiltowait


        • tiltotwat

          Go fuck you’re mother how you like that. You spell check maggot.

          • Tiltowait

            me not like. hurt me’s feelings. me calling burn-unit.

        • tiltotwat

          I meant faggot stupid smart phone corrected me when it wasn’t needed.

    • CaptainCrankyDeux

      Eat shit and die

    • john butts

      I’d per in her butt and make mustard.

  • CaptainCrankyDeux

    Holy shit fuck Batman

  • HiggiML

    Winner winner chicken dinner! Jen Selter who…?

  • hurtsx2

    Something seriously wrong with those t*ts. Ones like those look nice dressed, but completely unrealistic nude. Been with chicks who had t*ts like that and they are jusr weird. Keep your shirt on and we can work something out.

  • Canuckguy

    Trout fake lips, fake boobs.
    But she turns my crank regardless

  • RJ8812

    fake boobs, fake tan, awful dye job, probably a fake ass, duck lips, needs a sandwich…no thanks

    • Worn Wranglers

      Gosh, don’t forget totally self-absorbed, narcissistic, and an attention whore!

      • Pax Humana

        Yes, you two WOULD qualify under those things, would you not, Worn Wranglers and RJ8812?

        • fk you andrew wallace fgt.

          you have autism faggot, die.

          • Pax Humana

            Why not take your OWN advice, you fucking Nazi shithead?

      • ricotorpe

        So she’s not relationship material. Drop jizz in her cooter, or want to her pix. What’s the problem?

  • The Doctor

    My grandma’s tits are better and she’s dead.

    • ChuckyChucksteak

      horrible yet hilarious.

  • The Doctor

    This fucking slut needs to get back in the kitchen like every woman should. Stupid cunt. Suck my cock and go buy some groceries, whore.

    • Worn Wranglers

      And make me a sammich.

    • Pax Humana

      Are you The Doctor of Doouchebaggery, sir?

  • The Doctor

    I’d rather beat the shit out of Stephen Hawking while jerking off to two giraffes fucking

  • The Doctor

    And when giraffes fuck it gets really fucking sexy.

  • The Doctor


    • doctor stinkstah

      put it in her starfish already then

  • The Doctor


  • The Doctor


  • hugh jainus

    Wow she loves herself!! 30 pics but none showing her working out to earn that body. I like the before and after pic. Ass is magnificent

  • CaptainCrankyDeux

    What are the chances for two complete jackoff’s (The Doctor and First) to make totally asinine comments on these photo’s ??

    Both of these as ass wipes should go fuck themselves.

    And yes I really am a cranky ole mother fucker.

  • Degsy

    You spelled CENSORED wrong you bawbag

  • Master Amsu

    el phony flat chest girl with way over sized implants ….

    • CaptainCrankyDeux

      I’d be a 100 times more concerned how high maintenance she is than how much her body has been tweaked.

      • Master Amsu

        you can bet its high

      • Master Amsu

        you can bet its high

        • Pax Humana

          …and your comments prove that you are indeed high yourself, Master Amsuhole!

          • Master Amsu

            she is a douche with a messed up face, just because its your girl don’t be mad stop posting the stupid pictures!

    • Pax Humana

      Speaking of things that are fake and implants, your brain would qualify under BOTH counts, Master Amsuhole!

      • Master Amsu

        surely this tramp is you, or your the lame ass feeding her money for a set of blue balls.

  • ChrisI

    Training to be the hottest girlfriend he’s ever had??? Really? How superficial and pretentious. It’s more important to be interested than interesting sweetie.

  • YoG

    this is the hottest chick i’ve ever seen. period.

    • FaqUrNwoBS

      you need to go out more….,

  • Firefighter248

    she looks like she has the face of a APE!!

    • Pax Humana

      …which is what women say about YOUR face and which is also the reason of why you will never score, Firefighter248. Yes, you read me right, your face looks like it caught on fire and that someone tried to put it out with a fork.

      • fk you andrew wallace fgt.


        • Pax Humana

          …and thank you for telling the world about your sexual orientation as well as cowardice to get laid with the opposite half of the human species. I guess women do not like it when they saw the genetic fuck up that is you and that is why you try to become such a whiny basic bitch in your life.

    • Benny

      Your mother has the face of an ape, yet she still has dozens of guys lined up to cock punch her bum hole! Maybe if you weren’t so busy sliding up and down poles she would’ve been able to teach you some manners( and proper grammar).

    • ricotorpe

      I just noticed that you are gay…

  • Solar Star

    Jelly, I love you girl. To me, you are everything. So soft, so beautiful, and so damn perfect. You are my number one.

  • coldshot1723 .

    Wow, someone has a high opinion of herself to post endless photos of her humongous ass on the Internet. What an attention whore!

    • S R J

      My opinion is quite high of her too.

    • Worn Wranglers

      Doesn’t this describe most good-looking women?!?

      • Farty Fartsalot

        Not every attractive woman with a nice butt and/or chest post selfies on themselves on social media constantly.

      • Farty Fartsalot

        I’ve met plenty of women with perfect derrieres that don’t show it off on social media & have modest photos of themselves. It’s more attractive that way…

  • J Will

    I suppose she cost a lot for upkeep. And a lot of drama. Nice thought but I’ll just assume the winner will trade in a year or so.

  • sean

    Strong hate on this babe. What’d she do to you? I say if you have the body, flaunt it whether it is fully real or not. 9.5/10

  • don novello

    This girl is a walking test of Theseus’ paradox.

    • Aficionado

      Thanks, Don Novello. You made my day. I think this page is not about asses, but the greatest comments about asses. As a scholar, I bow to you.

  • Your fucking mom

    Why the fuck does every single girl have to make a duck face? Why do they tan so much? Desperate attention whores.

    • Pax Humana

      Well, while fuck wits like you bitch about women making duck faces, I will be getting laid and you will be living out the internet meme dream of “Forever Alone,” Your fucking mom.

      • PetesPlumbing

        LOL .. ‘getting laid’ … hey buddy – you’re here on this page too, and probably couldnt get your hole in a barrel of fannies

        • Pax Humana

          I probably could make Temujin “Genghis” Khan seem like an amateur in the terms of getting laid with hot, sexy, and beautiful women in my life. How do you like THOSE apples?

          • PetesPlumbing

            Who gives a shit … if youre on the internet bragging about it – you aint under the fuckin sheets doing it, are you, gobshite

        • Pax Humana

          I get more hot and sexy human female ass than a toilet seat and I have probably populated the world with more humans than Temujin “Genghis” Khan AND King Solomon COMBINED! Oh, and here are some of them now…I have to go…they want a threesome. See you later.

  • J-Rob

    She’s needs that smokin body cuz her face is kinda……….

  • Anon

    Your training is complete. Take a break, drink some wine, and let the fact that you are one of the most beautiful women alive settle in. Good dedication.

  • Jordan Williams

    Tits or GTFO

  • Farty Fartsalot

    Another instagram attention whore w/ 100,000 wimpy white knights.

    • Pax Humana

      Farty Fartsalot, say something else and, like Alice Kramden, you will be going to the moon, namely, without a spacesuit and through the use of a lot of beans, a lighter, and a brutal uppercut to your jaw! Come on and try it if you dare, you stupid, dull-witted, son of a bitch!

      • Farty Fartsalot

        LMAO. I guess I hit a nerve…

      • Usuckalot

        Is that the best line you got?!?! But look at the facts, before you find another page to fap over:
        1. She IS an attention whore…. thats why she does this
        2. Her ‘followers’ are using her image in pre masturbatory fantasies.
        3. By doing so, they will have an unobtainable ideal of what a woman should look like.
        4. This will have consequences on their relationships and will perpetuate the stereotypical view of an ideal, pretty, female form.
        5. As can be seen from your hostility, there are plenty of people out there willing to resort to violence to defend these Myth Women (my words for attention whore, but you can interchange the terms at will)
        6. You are already on this delusional pathway.
        So, all in all, the next time you see a purty lil white girl smiling as she flexes her hot body … please keep in mind that she isnt smiling at you,… which kinda makes YOU the stupid, dull-witted SOB, dosent it.

        • tcmcnomad

          You insinuate that this is unattainable, when in fact it is reachable w hard work for all most any female. They just have to get off the couch!!! Stop making excuses as to why you are over weight and do something about it. And for the record I’m an grizzly old biker w a smoking hot 26 year old yoga instructor for a wife, it a single thing fake on her but she earned her hot body !!! You can too.

          • PetesPlumbing

            I insinuate no such thing. This is a perfectly obtainable athletic body. IF you are prepared to put in the time and effort to get it. But what shoudl concern someone is the fact that if you’re not doing it for competative sports, there’s a haigh probability you will be doing it for narcissism and ego. And this might have a noce effect on your body – bit not your mind.

            Narcissists are seldom happy, are self absorbed (obviously) and are forever doomed to strive for an image that will forever evade them. This catches up on them all -ALL – eventually, and has a universally bad effect on their psyche and, consequently, their relationships.

            You’re not in that phase – yet. But it’ll come one day … and a part of you knows it, despite your self reassurances here

  • Master Amsu

    she is a loon too hahahaha

  • Shane McDonie

    The ass is definitely nice, fuck, that whole package is nice. But the ass doesn’t match the tits. But daaaaaaayum woman you are hawt

  • Stanley J. Walljasper

    Remember that no matter how good she looks and after any amount of fantasy, somewhere there’s guy who’s sick of her self-centered shiet.

  • democideafterdisarmingchattle

    too bad you can’t see her other duck lips…damn yoga pants…

  • jane margolis

    her boobs are too big for her little body. disgusting. i don’t doubt she has ass implant as well

  • PetesPlumbing

    Now dont get me wrong – I’d do her. I’d do her til my dick bled and wore out – if she’d let me.

    But thats about all I see here – a thing to fuck. I dont see a woman, I dont see a person, I dont see a human with opinions and thoughts and desires and ambitions. i just see a thing Id like to have sex with. I know she HAS these aspects of her character and psyche … but when I look at her, I dont see – or acknowledge them. I just see what she is projecting .. a sexual plaything.

    And thats a shame for her and me and all the other little girls out there who think that to get recognised and get attention, you have to grab SEXUAL attention.

    That said, Id still like to fuck her! :)

    • MP

      I am sure she is charming. Aren’t all good looking chicks clever and charming?

  • joe

    I would love to lick the sweat off of her asshole after one of her workouts! :)

  • http://ftp-ftf-tosiar.clanteam.com/ John Stewart

    That is simply one nasty, fugly, doofy-shaped woman. I wouldn’t hop in the sack with that thing if *I* was paid.

  • Anonymous

    she’s hot (too muscular for my taste) but she has alien face

  • GettingBuff

    An observation. Why does all these fitness models have large breasts? Most of them I might add.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I am devoted!!!!

  • joe

    I would love to lick the sweat off of her asshole after one of her workouts! :)

  • CyroCopter

    This is one of those ”Am I pretty yet?” instagramers… with the unnecessary filters and ugly duck faces…

  • CyroCopter

    What the hell is wrong with this @Pax Humana guy? reading her/his replies gives me cancer. ” Oh, You’ve insulted this girl so you obviously must be a stupid no-life virgin.” Dat logic tho

  • jon ray

    I would love to eat that ass.

  • Kai thomas

    The fuck wrong with u guys

  • fk you andrew wallace fgt.

    Ew, wtf? She looks ugly as fuck. I would rape her asshole and make it go to penny size to bowling ball size. She has a doodooface. Faggots!

  • John Doe

    You guys can have this one…aside from being extremely high maintenance, she has at best a fairly short shelf life. As soon as she hooks the high roller she’s trolling for, the exercising will stop. In ten years those huge titties will look like two half-filled water balloons, with her nipples pointed straight down at the floor……and some poor chump will be desperately trying to figure out how to get rid of her. Actually, the shine will probably wear off long before that.

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  • Wow Really

    Fake titties……

  • Guest

    lemme go ahead and crap on every man’s dreams right now…THEY ARE FAKE!!!!

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