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Say hello to Shaylynn Lanelle. Let her know what you think in the comments and stalk her on Twitter.

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  • Mike

    Looks like she has a healthy booty. Would love to see some better picsof that.

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Good lord. Nice sweet tight young cute bubbly ass with a pink asshole. Finally.

    Take note ladies. Whenever you send your pics, make sure they are like this one.

    Multiple shots. Front and back. Ass and tits. Face. Pink asshole.

    Also, make sure you’re actually hot… we don’t want nasty disgusting stinkiy saggy asses with brown assholes.

    This one definitely goes in my jerk off with tiny dick and soap file.

    As your unofficial GIYP Quality Control Director, this gets my sweet tiny young tight bubbly mushroom stamp of:


    You have my blessings to jerk off to this ass with your tiny dicks guys. Also, add her follow her on twitter and let her know hundreds of guys are jrking off to her so she has to take more slutty pics.

  • Cybr

    Face is just OK, but her ass is excellent.

  • Dam

    LOOKS 30

  • Neal

    do her doggie style.

  • chester


  • StrokerAce

    Shaylynn Lanelle, please marry me. :D <3

  • mordred

    first: you clearly have no knowledge of biology nor have any brain to work with either -.- it’s either a grower or a “shower”. not a small one -.- so hope about you go ask your mommy why she lets you onto GIYP and when she’s done how about you fuck her disgusting blue-cheese pussy you bloody motherfucker. don’t even bother with replying because you are non-existent after i reply to your SECOND comment. lastly for your overuse of the word “first”, people who say first and call themselves first are clearly making up for something, and i think you’re making up for the fact that the only female you can fuck is your mother and mema you pathetically worthless sack of shtako…..

    i would love to see her mouth suckling on a ball-gag while i have her bent over and getting ready for her punishment >:)

  • DougieLittleHand

    I would put a bag over her head. Then bone her. Then take the bag off her head to give her a facial with my man cream.

  • jed133

    @first, you’re not first and you hardly ever are. Shut up with your stupid comments, we all realize you have a tiny penis and want to end up on the awkward messages site… Stop being a try hard..

  • Billy Bob

    Nothing wrong with HER! Nice everything! and multiple pics. All of her semen deposit areas look inviting and will work for me! I give her a rock hard 8.5.

  • Billy Bob

    @mordred LOVED THE BLUE CHEESE PUSSY comment. I almost choked on my lunch I was laughing so hard. Dat’s some funny shit! We all know he’s a dumbfuck but he is so fun to pick on an make fun of. I find it almost therapeutic. LOL Sad thing is its like shooting fish in a barrel, almost too easy.

  • George Costanza

    On behalf of giyp id like to apolovize for the nasty remarks by first. Hes really my little brother and finds it funny to stir shit up here and although our parents raised us as white supremists i have fallen for the once you go black u never go back and first hasnt tasted purple pussy heck 0 pussy hes been in.

    Thats all folks everyone here be kool n stay in skool.

  • Ass Master


  • dakuzmon666

    perfect just like ALL us canadians

  • SirDistic

    We all know that first, George and Billy bob are the same pathetic 12 year old troll. It’s sad that the site owners don’t care enough to ban his IP. They let him annoy and troll the site.

    Perhaps when people start leaving this site because of him they’ll do something?


    Lingerie model? lol bitch pls

  • jason

    body looks great from the front
    face looks eh
    ass is probably better than it looks in the pic, but the pic makes it look terrible

  • Billy Bob

    @SirDistic In no way are we the same person, AT ALL. I’m sure that first, Costanza and I think BULLDOG are the same person though. Trust me on this. He is a weird, weird 12 year old, as you put it, I’m more than 3 times his age. I’m on here for fun and to look a mostly hot girls. I have an idea why he is, he lives in his moms basement and never leaves his computer.

  • Billy Bob

    I almost forgot FIRST and now the dumb mother fucker has yet another one, second. This cum gargling dbag is either a genius or just plain pathetic. I’m betting on the latter of the two.

  • Brandon

    I can vouch for this girl, as I know her in person. The angles are phenomonenal on her!! trust me!!

  • http://Yahoo serka

    Now that is a fine ass, I want her to sit on my face and fart. Goddamn the things I’d do to her

  • Wooderson

    Weird upper ass and a face to spunk on. Give a four!

  • Billy Bob

    @Wooderson how can she have a a weird upper ass?

  • Billy Bob

    Went to her Twitter page. Almost every pic on there is better than these two she sent in. She’s hot! Like model, playboy hot.

  • bobby

    kind of got a dopey face and bad eyebrows but i wouldn’t say “no” to her.

  • Glen

    What I think is she is lying about her age? She will be a mess at 30 in that case.

  • luke

    The gross comments just are not cool. Respect beautiful women. She is very unique and gorgeous. I like Canadian women. I hear they are naughty also.

  • luke

    The gross comments just are not cool. Respect beautiful women. It takes a lot of work to get a great ass. Notice how many of them are gym rats? She is very unique and gorgeous. I like Canadian women. I hear they are naughty also.

  • Lilmac

    Nice ass and ur sexy

  • bootyologist

    that is a dopey face, but… wheres the beef?

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