Random Girl in Yoga Pants

New pictures of his girlfriend’s booty in VERY short shorts!

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girlfriend-in-yoga-pants-003The guy who submitted this pic is back with more! This time, his girlfriend decided to be a bit more daring – unfortunately, those pics are a bit too racy for our homepage. Join our sponsor section for just a penny though, and you’ll receive a hell of a lot more than just her dirty pics!

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An anonymous girlfriend with a pink thong in see-through yoga pants

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amateur-girlfriend-in-yoga-pants-002This fan submitted a pic of his girlfriend in a bra and see-through yoga pants, and she loved the comments! So they’re back with some more pictures for you to enjoy. We’ve got another new one, and the original waiting for you below. » Continue reading “An anonymous girlfriend with a pink thong in see-through yoga pants”

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Remy LaCroix looking heavenly in blue yoga pants

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The lovely @RemyMeow in both solid blue and see-through blue yoga pants for your viewing pleasure.

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A Creep Shot Of A Big Booty

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big-booty-creep-shotSubmitted by Paul

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Michelle Balvin In Yoga Pants

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michelle-balvin-in-yoga-pants-001It’s been a while since we had an update featuring the beautiful @MichelleBalvs – a bit too long if you ask me. While I can’t confirm or deny it’s because I was waiting for a restraining order to be lifted, I will say she looks a hell of a lot better in high resolution than through a pair of binoculars with at least 100 yards between us. Not that I would ever do that, of course.. I’m just assuming.

If you’ve been visiting GirlsInYogaPants.com for a while you’ll remember the plan I hatched in an attempt to meet this girl. While that plan may have landed me in some trouble, I think I’ve got a new one that is sure to win her over! She’s now working for a company called Top Tier Promoting, which I just hired to promote my new book “How to be less good at pleasing women with your massive dong so they stop orgasming to death in the pile of money you sleep on cause you got that ‘fuck you’ money”. This is called “baiting the hook” or “planting the seed”, for all you non-pickup-artists out there, so now I just gotta sit back and wait. » Continue reading “Michelle Balvin In Yoga Pants”

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