Random Girl in Yoga Pants

A big booty squeezed in to those new yoga pants that look like jeans

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big-booty-001At one point these were marketed as “jeggings” and people mocked those who wore them, but I’m starting to see them around a lot and they’re now being called “Yoga Jeans”. I would make fun of this in some way, but I really don’t care what they call them as long as girls with great asses are walking around in form-fitting clothing.

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90’s-style workout clothes

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Anonymous girl showing off her booty at the gym

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If anyone knows who she is, leave a comment with her name!

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GIF: @CBQuality stretching in white

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105 photos of her in yoga pants »

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Bent over doggystyle at home

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wife-in-yoga-pants-001Submitted by Jim

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