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Kim Kardashian Banned For Life From GIYP For Manipulated Photos

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It’s been a turbulent 24 hours here on GirlsInYogaPants.com. Just yesterday we lifted our year-and-a-half long ban on Kim Kardashian pics, but we’ve already been forced to overturn that decision. Many people familiar with Photoshop believe her two new Instagram pics were digitally manipulated to make her appear thinner.

Photoshop expert @PeejeT tells us the curve in the door frame (pictured above) is evidence of manipulation. “Also, the tiles on the floor seem to warp around the same shape of Kim’s body,” he says, “this would be caused by expanding the thigh and bringing in the stomach.” @PeejeT sent the above diagram, which uses red and blue lines to highlight the warping.

Because of the alleged photo manipulation, in addition to unconfirmed reports that she’s actually a Hobbit, we’ve decided to banish Kim Kardashian from Girls In Yoga Pants for life and request that she be returned to Middle Earth immediately. › Continue reading


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Our Ban On Kim Kardashian Has Been Lifted

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As you can see, there has been a major change here at GirlsInYogaPants.com: The ban on Kim Kardashian pics has been lifted. How did she get back in our good graces, you ask? These pics from her Instagram were enough to get her another shot. Now let’s see what she does with it. › Continue reading


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I hate to start the week off on a bad note, but after a damn-near year of shitty pictures of her like the two above, we’ve made the decision to discontinue posting pics of Kim Kardashian on GirlsInYogaPants.com until she gets her shit together. Kim used to have what I would consider to be a good booty. Just search her name on our site and you’ll see a long history of her in yoga pants. However, in the last year she has only brought disappointment after disappointment when it comes to yoga pants pics. The pictures above were some of the only shots of her in yoga pants I could find from 2012, and they are both bullshit.


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This celebrity is usually good at hiding how big her ass is, but she can’t work miracles, and likely also can’t work most electronic devices or childrens puzzles. Find out who it is… › Continue reading


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Kim Kardashian has been trying to hide her gargantuan ass in public lately by wearing dresses, jeans, and other things that aren’t yoga pants. Will the GIYP community accept her back after her haitus? Will GIYP.com’s resident comment creeper Johnny give her pics his stamp of approval? We’ll find out.. › Continue reading


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