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A preacher in Arizona said “yoga pants are sin”, and “stop being a camel toe”

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There’s a preacher named Dean Saxton (NOT pictured above) at the University of Arizona who caused outrage after preaching to women with a sign that read “You deserve rape.” Now this same moron told Vice he thinks yoga pants are sinful. Here’s one of his quotes: “Give up your immodest clothing. You need to stop being a camel toe. You need to stop masturbating. Yoga pants are sin.See his interview at Vice.com.

As one of the highest authorities on yoga pants on the web, I’d like to comment on this. I’ll get right to the important stuff. After plenty of research, I’m confident in saying it is NOT possible for a person to “be” a camel toe. I’ve never heard of someone giving in to Satan and then physically shape-shifting into a cam-toe. But let’s say he’s right, and there is an underground society of mutated walking moose knuckles, where in the Bible does it say that’s wrong? Are they hurting anyone? Sure they may smell of shellfish from time to time, but that’s not anything a little hygienic upkeep can’t prevent.

Now, as far as yoga pants being a sin goes, look at these pics and decide for yourself: » Continue reading “A preacher in Arizona said “yoga pants are sin”, and “stop being a camel toe””

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Happy Draft Day: 3 videos of an ex-NFL cheerleader working out her crazy booty

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You’re looking at the lovely Nikki Giavasis. Some of the close-up angles in these 3 videos are impossible to look away from. 2 more close-up videos ›

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12 of my favorite pics of @HannahStocking

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You’re feasting your eyes on the lovely @HannahStocking in yoga pants and shorts. Here are 12 of my fav pics I found on her Instagram to make your day suck less. 11 more ›

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9 Pics: Thigh Gap Thursday

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Everyone knows yoga pants make girls’ asses look great, but they’re also great for thigh gaps. Take a look. » Continue reading “9 Pics: Thigh Gap Thursday”

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Afternoon nap in yoga pants

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