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I Will Never Believe This Ass Belongs To A 46 Year Old

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It has been brought to my attention that the woman we featured here, is actually 45 years old. I do not believe that. Not for one second.

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Strictly For The Big Booty Lovers

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Is this booty too big or just right? Sound off in the comments.

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Happy Hump Day from The Cougar

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Now check out the rest of The Cougar’s pics here ›

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Brandie Lynn Is Back With More Face-Melting Pics

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What’s better than a blurry picture of Brandie Lynn‘s amazing ass in white yoga pants? Three higher-quality pictures of that whooty. To say that I would give up everything I have in life to nestle between those cheeks for 5 minutes would be an understatement, even if I was as rich as Donald Trump. Although, despite all that money and fame, I’m pretty sure that atrocious hairpiece would scare her away.

Brandie is training to compete in her first bikini competition which is coming up in a couple of months. If you like these pictures, you should probably go follow her on twitter @MsBrandieLynn, where she’ll be posting progress pics. Click here for 2 more pics ›

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23 Of The Best Yoga Pictures You Will Ever See

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You’re gonna want to follow this Instagram: @cbquality. She’s a yoga teacher in New York with a badass dog and tons of great pics. These are probably some of the best demonstrations around of the intended use of yoga pants. › All 23 pics

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