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A Hot Blonde With A Real Yoga Booty

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Friday Frontal: Jaw dropping bikini pictures from your favorite stoner

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stoner-bikini-pics-01So I thought I was going to die an unhappy man because this cute stoner from Twitter was taking so long to submit new pictures, when today she dropped what I consider the motherload in to our inbox. Not only does this fit little pot head send in some excellent yoga pants pictures, she submitted this pic:
stoner-bikini-pics-02I don’t know about you guys, but that’s a cup holder that I want on my couch. I’ll drink the warmest of beers if I can pick it up from there. This idea was so revolutionary it caused me to propose to Michelle. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Jon, you propose to every girl that has a nice ass” and yeah, it’s true, I seemingly have an unquenchable thirst for hot girls in yoga pants that won’t be satisfied unless I can throw a ring on that finger and call it mine.
stoner-bikini-pics-03But to my surprise, she said yes! (Mom is going to be so proud of me!!!) Only if I could boost her follower count on Twitter. So now all I have to do is prove to her I’m worthy of dat ass, and I’m appealing to all of you for help. Please go follow her on Twitter and let her know that while the sex will be disappointing, my mother is an excellent cook and the dumbwaiter I had installed a few weeks ago means we rarely, if ever, have to go upstairs and see her. I’m not sure if this is really all that appealing to anyone but me, but damnit I think I’m living the (basement dweller’s) dream. Click here for a bikini pic that really shows off her incredible body!

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10 Pics: Valeria Orsini looks awesome in yoga pants

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Not only is she hot, but she’s friends with Lil’ Terrio too. Here are 10 pics of her in yoga pants & workout shorts. » Continue reading “10 Pics: Valeria Orsini looks awesome in yoga pants”

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Leg day has never looked so good

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Thong Thursday: Girlfriend bent over doggystyle in see-through yoga pants

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gf-see-throughThe guy who submitted these didn’t leave his name, just his girlfriend’s incredible ass and sexy underwear. If you wouldn’t mind seeing her out of yoga pants, click the thumbs up and maybe we can convince this anonymous couple to submit again. + 1 more pic

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