Random Girl in Yoga Pants

Now this is how you take a #belfie:

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belfie-001And a pic like this is how you make me want to faceplant in to your ass. Her Twitter says she’s 29, but I don’t know if I can believe that. She’s hot as fuck and has an incredible body, so in my head she’s 20.. and nekkid. All sorts of nekkid.

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Are those pantyhose or leggings?

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Blonde girl with a tight little booty

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Creep shots at Planet Fitness

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creep-shot-003Shout out to Twitter follower @KingshitC for snagging these creep shots while at the gym. I think we’d all appreciate some higher res and different angles, but beggers can’t be choosers and when the ass is that nice, I’m definitely begging. Click here for 3 more shots ›

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Anonymous girl showing off her booty at the gym

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If anyone knows who she is, leave a comment with her name!

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