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A real yoga booty looks like this:

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thanks-mirror96% of girls love yoga pants, and about 2% of them actually wear them to yoga. But thanks to the ASSMAN, and that mirror behind her, we get to see the epic combo of a girl with a nice ass that loves yoga pants and actually goes to yoga.

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The Sexiest Canadian Ever In Yoga Pants

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canadian-GIYP-1Have to give a major shout out to GIYP fan Jan J for discovering the insanely hot @KathleenEggleton, who might just be the sexiest Canadian on Instagram.
canadian-GIYP-2Perhaps it’s our shared heritage making us biased, knowing that we live in the same province and may some day cross paths. I know, it’s highly unlikely seeing as there’s not a lot of public space between my basement man cave and the fridge upstairs, but with an ass like that I might be willing to brave the cold in hopes of some day seeing it in person.
canadian-GIYP-3Hell, I’d even consider signing up for the same gym as her if there was a McDonalds nearby. So strap yourself in and enjoy the next 26 pictures, because this girl is hot enough to make a Ryan Gosling weep. Also, we’ve included a bonus bikini pic because she’s just that damn hot. Start the slideshow ›

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Beautiful view at the gym

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beautiful view at the gym

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A blonde MILF in yoga pants and yoga shorts showing some side-boob (7 pics)

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new-brandieThe beautiful @MsBrandieLynn stops by once again to help you get through the first half of your work week and celebrate Titty Tuesday with a little side-boob action. I don’t know about you, but she definitely has made my week better.


Above is a picture of her in her work uniform. Yup, that’s right.. she’s in yoga pants all day. I wish that was my gym’s logo on her shirt, because if she was at the front desk I’d probably go more than once a year, right after New Years.


And as you can see, even when she’s not working she’s still spending hours at the gym training for her next fitness competition and keeping that magnificently sculpted ass in perfect condition. + 4 more pics of this MILF ›

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A hot girl puts a hidden camera on her behind and catches everyone checking out her ass in yoga pants

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Normally I would say “perhaps they’re checking out the camera strapped to your ass?” But this girl is a straight up 12 and I would tell my girlfriend to look. Hell, I’d tell my mom to look. I might even tell my grand children about “this ass I walked by one time twenty years ago”. Seriously.

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