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Girls In Yoga Pants of Walmart (22 Photos)

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We’re about to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Our affiliation with PeopleOfWalmart.com has garnered us many photos of girls in yoga pants at Walmart. We’ve gotten pics from guys who specifically went to Walmart to take pictures of their girlfriends there for this website, and photos of the infamous “Wal-Creatures” you hear about dwelling the stores all over America.

Please be advised, while some of these pictures are wonderful, there are others that you will NOT be able to un-see. Enjoy. › Continue reading

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Yoga by the lake

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outdoor-yogaI’m pretty sure this is from @jyniall

Click for another epic vacation photo!

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Is It Okay To Wear Yoga Pants On A Plane? (Updated: 14 Photos)

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SmarterTravel.com has an article that questions whether or not it’s acceptable to wear yoga pants on a commercial flight. This is probably the dumbest question I’ve ever read. To prove how great yoga pants go with traveling, here are 11 pictures of girls in yoga pants at airports. Sound off with your thoughts in the comments! Continue: 13 More Photos ›

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Pumping gas in yoga pants

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4 friends thought of a very interesting vacation photo in Banff, Alberta

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lake-bootyCredit to Reddit user /u/nopantsparties

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