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RC Helicopters & Girls In Yoga Pants

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model-airplaneThe strangest combination since lamb and tuna fish, but I’ll take it.

Submitted by Roger


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Am I the only one that really wants to have sex in this position?

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pinballIt’d be like trying to dislodge a stuck ball in a pinball machine.


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Titty Tuesday: She’s Thirsty

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Get your mind out of the gutter! The girl’s just trying to stay hydrated.

Submitted by yoga pants lvr


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Bikini Fitness Competition Progress Update From Brandie Lynn

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brandie-lynnCan’t stop drooling. Basement flooding. Send help. + Bonus Bikini Pic


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Friday Frontal: @Michelle_Lewin wearing moon shoes and yoga shorts

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Click here to follow her on twitter. Click here to see her bend over ›


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