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My 12 Favorite Booty .GIFs Of All Time

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Prepare to stare at your screen until your eyes are sore. Here are my top 12 picks from our epic yoga pants GIF stash. Which one is your favorite? › Continue reading


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GIF: A little love tap

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15 Perfect Girls In Yoga Pants (13 Pics & 2 GIFs)

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Did you know that looking at pics of pics of girls in yoga pants is good for your health? Me neither, but lets start spreading that. Those white yoga pants in pic #9 are just perfect. Which pic is your favorite? › Continue reading


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GIF: Big Booty Rubbing

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I’m not sure where this party is, but it’s got cookies and cola so I’m down.

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GIF: A dancing girl in yoga pants

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Is it dancing? Is it wiggling? I don’t care, as long as it’s in yoga pants.

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