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Iggy Azalea In Yoga Pants

Jon Johnsonposted by:

iggy-azalea-yoga-pants-assI read an article recently where Iggy Azalea stated that while people are happy to compliment her ass on the internet, in person it is much different. Well Iggy, that’s what we here on the internet call keyboard-courage… but I have no shame – I would gladly bow at your feet, kiss the ground you walk on, I’d even drag my balls through a mile of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie talkie.

Okay, maybe not that last one… but seriously, if there is a lack of people worshipping your booty, come to Toronto and I will change that.


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Kendall Jenner ziplining in yoga pants

C. Minstaneposted by:

I’ll have to agree with her friend who yelled out “Your ass looks good” at the last second. I believe she probably has the best ass in her family.


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Nicki Minaj shares a jaw-dropping booty selfie

C. Minstaneposted by:

Every now and then, Nicki Minaj posts some selfies on Instagram showing off her spherical booty region and the internet goes nuts. Let the debates over whether her donk is natural or silicone begin. Here are some more shots of Nicki’s redonkulous ass: › Continue reading

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Francia Raisa working out her booty

C. Minstaneposted by:

A hot 25-year-old actress in yoga pants? Yes please. @therealfrancia


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Checking in with Jennifer Selter

C. Minstaneposted by:

Yep, Jennifer Selter still has an amazing booty. Just checking.

The ultimate collection of Jen Selter in yoga pants ›



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