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The holidays aren’t over yet! 31 pics and a video to keep you in the mood

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Me at the start of Christmas:

Me at the end of Christmas:

Seriously though, anyone else broke as shit and exhausted, but still pretty happy? Christmas is my favorite time of year even though I didn’t get the one thing I was really hoping for under the tree:

We did get some pretty decent pics of her through 2016 though, so let’s all hope for more Michelle in the new year! While it’s not the same as using that booty as a pillow during a turkey coma, it’s a pretty good alternative.

If there’s a girl you want to see on our homepage in 2017, let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to check her out! Otherwise, enjoy this insane collection of MILFs, Cougars, college girls and more in yoga pants and yoga shorts! It might not have been a white Christmas where you live, but it will be now! › Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from GirlsInYogaPants.com!

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via @roxyqueflexx

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Porn Star Dani Daniels in short shorts

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dani-danielsWith an IG handle like @suckingallthedicks, you might want to check out this gorgeous porn star. She kind of looks like the girl that Truman was in love with in “The Truman Show”. Think about how much he would have been jerking off if this porn star existed in his universe.

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Mandy Kay has an amazing whooty

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mandy-kayThis girl @MandyKaynxtdoor was once in Playboy, and is now twerking her booty all over Vine. We’ve got videos of her twerking in yoga pants and yoga shorts waiting for you below, and trust me.. you don’t want to miss these. › Continue reading

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Girl in skin-colored yoga pants sticking her tongue out

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More skin-colored yoga pants

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