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Strictly for the big booty lovers

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strictly-big-booty-lovers-1So I followed the tag on the pic to a tumblr called “itsfrizzyomg” and was totally going to link to it, but then I got tricked by a link on that page to “booty pics” which was actually just a youtube link to her boyfriend’s garbage music… so instead of that, let’s all just stare at her booty and imagine she’s single.
strictly-big-booty-lovers-2It’s a shame she’s so deceitful, considering she’s got one of the greatest asses we’ve ever featured. It even looks great in jeans! Don’t believe me? Check it out! Click here ›

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20 Pics: MILF With Big Boobs & Booty In Yoga Pants

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You’re looking at @mamylayke from Instagram who says she’s a proud mom & appears to love wearing yoga pants. Follow her and say which pic is your favorite in the comments! Continue reading “20 Pics: MILF With Big Boobs & Booty In Yoga Pants” »

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Which hot girl in yoga pants would you like to see more of in 2015?

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this-is-not-where-her-name-isWe feature hundreds of different hot girls in yoga pants every year, and it’s all for you! No seriously, just for you. Don’t believe us? Shoot us an email and we’ll personally thank you for visiting our website. That’s how much we care about you! And we want to know who you’d like to see featured here.

Also, before you say it.. we’ve already asked @MiaKhalifa – she says she’s got nothing on @RemyMeow though, so I don’t know if that’ll be happening.

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A beautiful Brazilian model with amazing ass and titties

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Eliana-Pasking-7Submitted by Dan, we had never heard of @ElianaPasking before, but we’re certainly happy he brought her in to our life. + 6 more pics

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34 Photos: Fit girl with big boobs & a ridiculous booty

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Meet La Bella Reina, she’s a personal trainer from California and you’re not gonna believe this part after you see her body: She’s a MILF. Yep. Follow her on Instagram at @labella_reina and enjoy these pics! Continue reading “34 Photos: Fit girl with big boobs & a ridiculous booty” »

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