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I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I like it

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The best kind of gym selfie

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Ana Cheri looking phenomenal before a workout

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via @anacheri

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Our FIRST Monthly T-Shirt GIVEAWAY!

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SEPTEMBERWINNEROur first month is in the books and we’re here to announce the SEPTEMBER winner of our monthly giveaway! Thanks to GIYP fan omahaking and all of our sponsors for supporting us during the opening month of what we hope to make the world’s greatest private yoga pants community.
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A fit girl with a thigh gap in and out of yoga shorts

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yoga-shorts-001Is that birthmark a boner killer or does that booty still have you interested?

yoga-shorts-002Our sponsor’s were able to look past it to see the beautiful booty she has, but perhaps the underwear pics below had something to do with it. › Continue reading

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