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This 45 Year Old Woman’s Booty Puts Most 18 Year Olds To Shame

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chicken-tuna-26 months ago a user submitted one of the greatest asses we’ve ever seen, and since then we have learned that the incredible ass we were drooling over belongs to a 45 year old.

chicken-tuna-3There’s no other way to say it really, dat ass has aged like a fine wine and I’m an alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in 11 hours. So if you’re as thirsty as I am, check out the bonus bikini pic below.




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  • Raperman

    show more booty pics.

  • Master Amsu

    it is a great ass however she has no hips or waist which frankly is not good :)

  • BobBarker

    Fantastic fanny. My wife is 36. I gotta get her ass in the gym stat.

  • CaptainCrankyDeux

    That ass is an 11. The rest of her is a 8.

  • Rod Pullen

    Let me tell you what I’d do here. I would cut out the crotch of those shorts and then put the mouth portion of a snorkel on her delicious lady parts and use the other end of the snorkel to inhale every ounce of her exquisite existence. Hotness personified right there boys.

  • Christopher Ranieri

    She needs to eat a sandwich and a milkshake

    • Aaron

      Why is it when people see a woman that is fit as fuck like her they want her to eat?

      She could probably kick your ass and you want her to get fatter?

      • Thegreatlover

        Just put some meat on her!!!!! Seeing ribs is not fit, it is ridiculous. I agree a ham sandwich, loaded and a milkshake with extra protein.

        • Travis Uhlenhopp

          You obviously know nothing about fitness

          • Thegreatlover

            Fit is great. But this is ridiculous. Fake tits and ribs. Are you kidding me.

          • Travis Uhlenhopp

            Thats how really lean people look.

          • Thegreatlover

            Lean yes…. healthy no.

          • PrideFC

            She looks fantastic, you must be overweight and trying to bring people that look good down to your level.

          • Thegreatlover

            Afraid not. I am very physically fit and in great shape. Fake tits and ribs showing DOES NOT make someone fit.

          • Travis Uhlenhopp

            Again you obviously dont know anything about fitness. The fact that she is lean and has great muscle tone makes her fit. Maybe you need to actually think before you spew nonsense. Do me a favor go to a gym and ask a personal trainer if that woman is fit.

          • Travis Uhlenhopp

            And just so you know what looks like her ribs is not her ribs its muscle. Ribs dont run at that angle.

        • Bri Conlee

          she looks fantastic, she’s fit she has a healthy body fat percentage. people just aren’t used to that anymore.

    • Mike Netz

      Hell no, she’s fine as fuck!

  • Aaron Searight


  • Concerned8888

    ..but she ain’t f*ckin though, that much is sure. Cause if she was, she would have hips.

  • Nonkahuna

    If she’s 45 than I must be in my 60’s

  • Danni

    Um we’re the curves. She looks like a pole.

    • Abe Lee

      You are the curves? You and who else?

  • glamstarfitness

    Yall are thirsty do squats

  • MrStern

    I’d ask her to marry me but I don’t think my wife would let me.

  • Evensteven

    She is nothing short of perfect

    • Douche

      Bullshit ! She is skinny and have breast implants.

      • Evensteven

        Find me a better 45 year old woman and I may listen. Other than that you’re just trolling. She’s hotttt!

        • Douche

          How am i trolling ? Are you a teenager ?
          She is too thin and have breast implants ! Stupid kid. And yes, many 45 year olds will look 10x better than her if they exercise.

        • Douche

          You just like her because of the first picture. We can’t really see the upper part of her body properly in those pictures.

          • Evensteven

            Like all her pictures. I am not a kid. Again post pics of the 45 and older women you know who look better. Still waiting…

          • Douche

            Yes, you are some corrupted teenager ! We both have different standards. You like skinny girls with fake tits, I guess.

  • Condom

    Did she ever bear a child?

  • TheBigGuy

    She’s hot. I will give her that, but from personal experience, I hate fake tits. They feel so nasty. Id take someone 30lbs heavier with some natural DDD’s.

  • thegoodfaery .

    Nice shoes

  • sly

    wow that is one hot ASS BODY SWEETIE NICE job!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert E. Andreone

    two things: 1. with no hips ill bet she either is lesbian or hasnt had a kid yet. 2. i dated a woman with an ass like that for just over 3 yrs.. amazing in bed too. still a CUNT. ..what looks to be gold isnt always so.

  • Jon

    whoever is with her is one lucky man, i hope i have a woman that looks that good at 45.

  • Dubbledj

    Did she actually prove to you that she is 45 years old? I don’t believe it for a second, not because I’m surprised, because I think she’s lying!!!!

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