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This 45 Year Old Woman’s Booty Puts Most 18 Year Olds To Shame

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chicken-tuna-26 months ago a user submitted one of the greatest asses we’ve ever seen, and since then we have learned that the incredible ass we were drooling over belongs to a 45 year old.

chicken-tuna-3There’s no other way to say it really, dat ass has aged like a fine wine and I’m an alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in 11 hours. So if you’re as thirsty as I am, check out the bonus bikini pic below.



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  • Raperman

    show more booty pics.

  • Master Amsu

    it is a great ass however she has no hips or waist which frankly is not good :)

  • BobBarker

    Fantastic fanny. My wife is 36. I gotta get her ass in the gym stat.

  • CaptainCrankyDeux

    That ass is an 11. The rest of her is a 8.

  • Rod Pullen

    Let me tell you what I’d do here. I would cut out the crotch of those shorts and then put the mouth portion of a snorkel on her delicious lady parts and use the other end of the snorkel to inhale every ounce of her exquisite existence. Hotness personified right there boys.

  • Christopher Ranieri

    She needs to eat a sandwich and a milkshake

    • Aaron

      Why is it when people see a woman that is fit as fuck like her they want her to eat?

      She could probably kick your ass and you want her to get fatter?

      • Thegreatlover

        Just put some meat on her!!!!! Seeing ribs is not fit, it is ridiculous. I agree a ham sandwich, loaded and a milkshake with extra protein.

        • Travis Uhlenhopp

          You obviously know nothing about fitness

          • Thegreatlover

            Fit is great. But this is ridiculous. Fake tits and ribs. Are you kidding me.

          • Travis Uhlenhopp

            Thats how really lean people look.

  • Aaron Searight


  • Concerned8888

    ..but she ain’t f*ckin though, that much is sure. Cause if she was, she would have hips.

  • Nonkahuna

    If she’s 45 than I must be in my 60′s

  • Danni

    Um we’re the curves. She looks like a pole.

  • glamstarfitness

    Yall are thirsty do squats

  • MrStern

    I’d ask her to marry me but I don’t think my wife would let me.

  • Evensteven

    She is nothing short of perfect

    • Douche

      Bullshit ! She is skinny and have breast implants.

      • Evensteven

        Find me a better 45 year old woman and I may listen. Other than that you’re just trolling. She’s hotttt!

        • Douche

          How am i trolling ? Are you a teenager ?
          She is too thin and have breast implants ! Stupid kid. And yes, many 45 year olds will look 10x better than her if they exercise.

        • Douche

          You just like her because of the first picture. We can’t really see the upper part of her body properly in those pictures.

          • Evensteven

            Like all her pictures. I am not a kid. Again post pics of the 45 and older women you know who look better. Still waiting…

  • Condom

    Did she ever bear a child?

  • TheBigGuy

    She’s hot. I will give her that, but from personal experience, I hate fake tits. They feel so nasty. Id take someone 30lbs heavier with some natural DDD’s.

  • thegoodfaery .

    Nice shoes

  • sly

    wow that is one hot ASS BODY SWEETIE NICE job!!!!!!!!!!

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