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As you know it’s “Booty Appreciation Day” on Twitter, and how can you dedicate a day to the derriere without displaying one of it’s finest examples? You may know her best from her sex tape, or her playboy shoot, or from that magazine where they painted her silver so they could show her nips (or maybe, just maybe, one of the 8 million reality shows she has on TV). We know her best from our inbox, as contributors regularly send her in.. make the jump for the full shot and some shots of her playing with what she probably thinks is a slot machine..

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  • ray j

    i’d pee on her butt

  • aw644w5a45

    who is that

  • Jamie James

    She’s a hooker that gives it away for free.

  • Yowza

    She aint the best but, I would motorboat that ass!

  • http://www.shave-my-balls.com Steve

    Gucci bag and $5 flip-flops. Classic!

  • riverman


  • youadot

    @Steve you don’t have to be gay to know that CC stands for chanel o_O

  • Adam

    Good thing she’s got that ass because the bitch can’t sing worth a damn.

  • Ohyea

    @youadot – Yes, oh yes my friend you do. lol



    …hahah actually you kinda do.

    Love Kim.

  • Zack


  • Robert


  • evildust

    her 15 minutes were up like fifteen minutes ago…

  • twat_waffle_express

    @youadot, Steve

    youre both gay for commenting on the bag and sandals and not that magnificent ass. tools

  • StrokerAce

    I’m glad she’s out there promoting yoga pants, spandex, etc. and I’d hit it with aplomb, but I’m also getting kinda sick of seeing her.

    Only the plethora of ass shots in lycra keeps her from being totally worthless.

  • Johnny

    That is certainly a great ass.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Ill still hit that ass Can i Swipe my card between yo ass Kim K???? :)

  • Jeff

    I don’t really see the appeal there. It’s a big fat ass on a white chick who looks brutal without all the make-up

  • viz

    am I the only one who thinks her ass looks deformed? something about it just isn’t right. I’m not talking about this image in particular although it does look odd here too.

  • Pissedinjimboswheaties

    You don’t have to be gay to know those flip-flops are because she just got a pedicure, just get laid occasionally by a girl that takes pride in her appearance.

  • Darwin

    It’s a big ass but what the hell. Always worth a look.

  • Ass-and-you-shall-receive

    Kum Kar-Ass-Again, the Patron Saint of this site. Which is why I look elsewhere. Why stop there? Why not put those other Kar-Ass-Again girls on here? I mean, the plump one is bound to have a big ASS and that’s all you need, right? A pulse and an ASS? Pulse optional.
    Hell, Oprah’s got a big ASS fo sho. Put her on here.

    Speaking of slot machines, its kinda like that here. Two asses below were cherries, then this one pops up as a lemon. Almost impossible to get a good 3 in-a-row.

  • MyLeftNut

    Ok. I’m done! This FAT ASS nasty skank has been on here way too much! WHY???

  • MajorTrouble30

    Like her or not, she has a GREAT ass to spank!!!


    I was just wondering when someone was going to notice that’s not Kim K., it does look like her sister Kourtney though. Good to see Kardashian choices :D:D:D

  • smokestack

    i’m sick of seeing this corny bitch …the slot machine joke cracked me up, though

  • cantgetenuffadatass

    @assman – seriously, buncha whining dip shits and dont even notice her ass is half the size of Kim K! This is definitely the older one, what ever her fuckin name is, the smallest one…

  • joemmm

    Why are the Kardashian whores famous again? She looks confused working an ATM.

  • Me

    Well whoever and whatever it is I’m just not that impressed. I’m quality vs. quantity. It doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to be well shaped. And this isn’t…

  • http://www.shave-my-balls.com Steve

    Sorry not a fan of plastic surgery. To each their own.

  • JimmyFlimFlamMan

    It just looks fat to me here. And if she weren’t rich, I don’t see much fuss being made over her. Pass…

  • elmock

    @youadot I came to say the same thing.

  • http://www.sskiweb.com Spork

    Let’s see, one gets pissed on by a cracked out negro while she’s under age, AND it ends up on film and the negro gets busted. So now she has to parlay her 1 minute into 15 some how so she finds a jew that will lead her thru the hoops of ho stardom. Hymie tells her to focus on the ass, oh and drag her other two sisters into it somehow.

    Am I close?


    I’m not sure what all you faggots are talking about. I’m sure all the other women posted on here are fuckin saints right? This may be a bad angle, but it’s still a nice ass, you blind shit heads are so bad. Quit being jealous because they have more money than you. Go make a sex tape and post it on the internet if you think that’s all it took to make Kim K. famous. Just don’t link it to me, I don’t like watching monkeys have sex.

  • pau gasol

    why does everyone complain endlessly about every single kim post?
    it’s not like her ass is an inconvenience to your day… if you don’t like it, look at the other posts.

  • Ass-and-you-shall-receive

    Well, Pau, we complain because we are tired of playing lame guessing games, staring at a fake and pooor quality ASS with dookie stains on it. And we too are not interested in seeing monkies have sex on tape, hence, we don’t like Kum Kar ASS Again!

    A good guessing game has more than 3 potential answers-Kum, Kelley Brook or Halle Berry. That seems to be all they post here, and it would be great to see more of the other 2.

    Spork Nailed it. Nuff said.

  • moochi moochi

    id love to have her as my slave-for-a-night, and do 10 times more ro her than ray j

  • Ritch

    I want her to sit on my face, in those yoga pants and empty her bladder. Then I’d lick until my tongue fell off

  • mmmm

    that’s still an amazing ass, idk why all the fuss

  • aceable

    Im in love with kim, she has amazing curves and her ass looks so good in those pants I just want her to suffocate me

  • Montel

    This site would not be complete with out Kim here!

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