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I asked my girlfriend what she thought of this bum and she said “Yeah, it’s nice.. it’s small but… yeah, a small butt.” so yeah, enjoy this small bum? Keep going for the full shot


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  • Nex

    yum. perfect little ass.

  • This Guy

    Oh man I would do diiiiiirty things to that small bum with my big stick

  • Joe

    Perfect ass!

  • Nigger_Bear

    Too small. Doesn’t stick out enough and isn’t wide enough.

  • Dartman

    Very nice

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Thats the cutest small ass!

  • Alex

    Perfect ass!! I would love to scissor!!

  • Agoofball

    DAYUM! I just LOVE em this size!! so much easier to play with!!

  • Jiggaapril

    I would do things to that ass that would make her cry herself to sleep at night.

  • eddie

    not bad at ALL, I love that kind of ass :)

  • tightass

    Finally! A nice tight ass! too many fattys here latley

  • rob

    I personally think this is a great ass. She has a tiny frame, but to me its all about shape to proportion, which she really does have… there is definitely a nice little bubble and the best part is she is NOT pushing it out like most pictures on here. I definitely would not say no to this… in fact I would likely go out of my way for this rather than the Kim Kardashian that is almost constantly posted here.

  • Unknown

    Her twitter account is @DanielleMyler ;) she’s a sweet heart <3

  • Jess

    Love her ass <3

  • Jessie


  • Steven

    Beautiful Ass :)

  • b

    i’m not into 12 year olds

  • Pigpen

    Still big enough for my tongue to fit nicely inside.

  • StrokerAce

    I’d gladly hit that sweet little ass! :D

  • Steve

    perfect handful :) this girl can hit me up anytime

  • dre

    Wow..first perfect one in a while…so tired of the nasty flab you’ve been posting!

  • Lexie

    hmmm nicee body would love to have that in bed

  • El

    I agree with rob. This is def well proportioned. And also the fact she is standing straight up, proud of what she has. These small ones are always cute to me.

  • scott

    i know that ass anywhere,Brittane Nicole

  • JL

    Finally! So many of these pictures are of big, booty asses. Finally a tight little ass. It is perfect sweetheart. PERFECT!!

  • Tim

    Id grab this tight ass and fuck the shit out of it

  • dj

    love that butt right there

  • Christina

    The girl in this picture claims to be 18 but her posts and pictures on twitter suggest she’s more around 15. Very immature and young looking.

  • Chataine

    Wow, what a perfect little ass… would’nt mind having my Boyfriend going down on me while I lick that precious little ass…

  • Fear

    too small cause your a sloppy coon who needs a fat slob

  • james

    not small at all! absolutely perfect!!

  • skeelosta

    aw cute tiny lil’ butt, being a typical man, I’d still hit it. :D

  • J

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