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Remember popular GirlsInYogaPants.com reader Johnny who we’ve been searching for? I think The Huffington Post has found him: Woman Startled By ‘Peeping Tom’ Hiding Inside The Tank Of A Portable Toilet At Boulder, Colorado Yoga Festival

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  • Spencer

    lol way to go Johnny! doing anything it takes to get us some good GIYP pics!

  • Tygas

    Oh my goodness. That is the definition of a sweet ass.

  • Eddie

    love the way that pink line curves :P

  • The Real Ryan


  • StrokerAce

    Maybe Johnny’s starting up a GIPP page: Girls In Porta-Potties. Somehow I think the turnout to that page would be substantially less than what we have here. ;) Then again, fecalphiles such as Otto/Nelson/JUMBO jones and his buddies would have a field day with such a page.

    Turning our attentions to the two young blondes here…I like their spirit! I’d also like to see some ID.

  • Johny Cash

    And god said let there be yoga pants, and it was so and it was good….

  • El

    Left has a meaty ass. Cut me a piece.

  • DaBaws


  • Ilikebigbutts

    The one on the left has an ass that wet dreams are made of !!

  • truth

    Meatie ass and perky tits on the left. Hate that damn duckface though

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    one on the left cool ok on with the next!

  • gosho

    nice huh?

  • Nash

    I would stick my weiner in both of ‘em!

  • Johnny

    your welcome you guys!! good to be back! I will get more I promise!

  • aceable

    The one on the left is excellent, her ass makes me want to jerk it this second

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