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A 24 year old college girl with an epic booty that could easily kick your ass

esaleanI’m sitting here eating Teddy Grahams while this girl @esalean is hanging upside down from a punching bag doing sit ups. That’s why she has washboard abs and a chain that can support her weight and I have, well… a gut covered in Teddy Graham crumbs. Check it out: Read the rest of this entry »

Where is this?


Two excellent booties in one picture


Titty Tuesday: Ana Cheri

titty-tuesday-newWith a body like that it’s no wonder @AnaCheri has amassed nearly a million followers on Instagram. With a following like that, we’re all lucky these girls don’t decide to start a cult or something. If people can convince a bunch of strangers to kill themselves in the name of something unknown entity, imagine what a hot babe with incredible tits and ass could get her stalkers to do.

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Girls in Yoga Pants

Girls in Yoga Pants is a blog that covers the highly important topic of girls in yoga pants.

"Girls in yoga pants -- I think that's hotter than girls being naked." - Howard Stern, 2010

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