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We originally posted this photo in 2010. Now that she’s more famous, we’ve gotta ask again — Do you think her ass is all natural, or does it have help from booty implants? Is it what her momma gave her, or does she belong on DrFugly.com? Keep going for another pic

nicki minaj booty

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  • Chris

    That’s too much. And kinda gross looking too.

  • messypants

    I agree. It looks like a huge down jacket stuffed inside a black supermarket bag.

  • mfdltd

    So gross but my pal juice would be all over that

  • http://devon.Lakers2416/Facebook.com Devon2416

    Thats My Future Wife and love that ass even its fake ;)

  • viz

    why is that lumpy garbage up here?

  • Johnboy

    just another crappy r/b sensation, she’ll be in a dumpster with the rest of them in no time…

  • maestro716

    @johnyboy Shes a rapper not an r&b singer.

  • kp

    fuckin nasty. somebody cunt punt that beeyatch

  • Vic

    Damn shes alright maybe too much

  • janey

    it’s fake…. therefore, should not be on here ^^

  • dreamer

    Ew. Get that shit off here I understand you must of been drunk When you posted it but there’s a thing called a “delete” button. I have faith you’ll do the right thing.

  • Marco

    Nothing is appealing about this…nothing whatsoever. Yuck.

  • Ass-and-you-shall-receive


  • joeman

    No ghetto crack whores PLEASE! UGH!

  • German

    In spanish I call that ass (Nicky MINACHAS)

  • DrumBum05

    Hiphop awards 2009? She just debuted this year. FAKE

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Althman?feature=mhum Althman

    I like it when booty is big and cushiony like that. I’d stick so many parts of my body deep into that tush.

  • jaymanny

    @joeman why she gotta be called a ghetto crack whore??? Mothafuckas be killin me plz keep all racist shyt to yaself

  • Scott

    never post this kind of garbage I need to bleach my eyes now, thanks…

  • maestro716

    @DrumBum actually Nicki Minaj has been around for a few yrs now. she debuted in the MAINSTREAM last year, but shes been around longer than that.

  • TW@

    Yeah it looks lumpy thank god it’s not padding. even if it is surgery when you do stuff to it it will feel real. I also saw a video of before she was widely known and her ass and hips did not look so lumpy, wow i would love to do things to that lumpy ass either way.

  • Rob

    It kills me how you guys think this is nasty. Why is it that when a black girl has a big booty, it’s nasty, ghetto, lumpy, fat, etc? But when a white girls puts her butt up on her, and it’s flatter than a piece of paper, you guys go nuts over it? Although I don’t like her as a performer, she is very beautiful and has a great body! All I’m saying is just be real, cuz if Nicki came to you and said she wanted you to tap, you white boys would jump on it quicker than the black dudes would! I for one, don’t discriminate. If I see a white girl with a big booty, then I’d give her props. A good looking butt deserves respect over a flat, pancake booty anyday! So save all the dumb, retarded racists comments because deep down inside you wish your girl was built like her!

  • nitwit

    thats a bad picture of her ass

  • cc

    her ass is fake. look at her videos b4 she went mainstream w cash money. her ass n hips were small

  • dude

    You guys are fags I would do her over and over and over and over and over and over.

  • fiz

    Fat, flab-ass….yuck. Looks like the surface of the moon. Irregular, lumpy…nasty.

    You look nasty lady….go to the gym instead of stand in front of a camera….wtf.

  • StrokerAce

    Not into it – too big. :(

  • Bk

    It’s nasty no matter what.

  • Netjnke

    Her face looks even faker yet

  • Jizzy

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • Kadience

    Nickkkkkkki is gorgeous!!!!! Id doooooo many terrrri ble things to that woman.. you can all fucking hate all you want!! She can get any man she wants when it comes down too it,dont be jealous that your woman doesnt have that amazzzzing body.. I just wanna bury my face in it!!! mm god dam nicki

  • http://hotmail.com bone775

    im white, i also hate how yea when its a good lookin black girl hella people say its nasty, that booty is bangin and fake or not id hit it a hart beat, cuz that ass aint gonna look the same in pants as it does naked

  • loki

    only a sheboon would get a fake a$$ like that. a whole different species. the human buttocks is much more attractive.

  • viewer

    looks like balloons in there

  • RED

    is that a guy?
    either way, nassty crack hoe with no talent.

  • Kscorpio

    Thats just fuckin nasty,and shes ugly to boot! Send this bitch to Dr Fugly!

  • JC

    WHO CARES???

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    fake as hell.

  • Ward Cleaver


  • Canuckguy

    So her ass is a little big and needs to get toned a bit but too many comments are ugly. A lot of you are downright mean and nasty. I bet some are you are living in your parent’s basement, jerking off to video porn. Losers!!

  • Nathaniel Marywether

    I’m guessing the people commenting that her ass is to big are caucasions and never been with a woman with a nice big ass and most likely can’t handle one. Anyway, back to Nicki, yeah, it’s definitely fake but nice. If you look at her old photos then recent ones, she’s all fake. Yet she claims to be the realest chick, on what I have no idea.

  • chuck

    She says it in the song Ass By Big Sean :
    Kiss my ass and my anus, ’cause it’s finally famous
    And it’s finally soft, yeah, it’s finally solved!
    I don’t know, man, guess them ass shots were off!

  • henri

    its real fake

  • YoungGun

    Why do you subject us to this? Definitely a candidate for Dr. Fugly. I don’t even want to think about what that nasty shit would look like without clothes and she’s ugly as sin.

  • http://reverbnation.com/heathlane Hbomb

    Sorry, she’s just nasty in every way, and not in the “good” way. PASS.

  • ed90

    Where do I begin? First of all this talentless chimp exposed herself to the world on the Grammys when she put on that laughable “performance” of whatever the fuck that was intended to be. It’s one thing to be edgy and artsy, but that fat ass tranny is a legend in her own small, mildly retarted mind and is an embarrassment to the music industry. The pre-teen and teen wiggers who actually enjoy her auto-tuned wailing are our future, and it should scare the living shit of you. It’s not bad enough that we have to be subjected to this ghetto cunt on the radio, but now HERE of all places? Let the pants on the ground faggots enjoy this hot fucking mess on rap websites, and we can only hope Chris Brown has an issue with her in the near future. Her 15 minutes will be up sooner than later.

  • liloun

    Holy shit…GIYP finally jumped the shark with this fat ass cunt. Thanks alot. That image is burned into my mind now.

  • BR

    That is one ugly woman and she can’t sing.

  • better

    Nikki who? If she lost the halloween wigs and ass implants she would fit right in as a Walmart cashier. Exactly where she belongs. She needs to quit her day job anyway.

  • Jimmy Jack

    iTS BEtter pictures of nicki than that!!!

  • Mike

    Its fake.. google it, if your bored.. I’d still hit that, not like Chris Brown hit Riannha.. but the good way ;)

  • http://giyp spandexasslover

    I really dont give a fuck i wud shove my cock up that anytime fake or real smfh

  • jA

    meh, another she-boon with a bad attitude problem. Fake hair, fake ass, plus plastic surgery for that nose/face.

    No thanks, and please keep the black girl posts to a MINIMUM

  • sara

    fake. it’s too square.

  • Waffleman

    For all those saying irregular and lumpy……I don’t know if you’re stupid but her underwear is pinchingthe top part of her ass, that is why there is one spot that isn’t huge and smooth and wonderful..Nicki Minsk is fucking hot

  • hmmtheresalotofhatersonhere

    1. nicki is beautiful 2. her as is fake 3.all you fags callin her ugly and talentless are purely haters see heres the thing she definately makes more money than all of you so she must be good at something and the fact that your hating just means your all broke ugly and loney

  • dirtyqwerty

    She’s already on dr.fugly, before and after pics…fake.

  • troutslap

    its a fake, and shes a no talent hack

  • john


  • Otakudalia

    She got a brazillian butt lift, so it’s real but not birth natural

  • Ass Lover

    I would shove my huge dick sooo deep in nicki’s pussy and her ass she would be cumming and moaning for more. And then I would cum all over her face and eat her pussy out. Then she would blow me until no tomorrow.

  • miko

    That doesn’t look healthy.. my opinion FAKE!

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