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I actually had to Google and make sure that Miley Cyrus was now legal; turns out she’s 19. That’s basically over the hill by today’s standards. Sorry about that Miley, I’m used to you being on tv shows that I was too old to watch.. If you’re ever in Canada and not carrying your own straws, give me a shout and I’ll buy you a drink! For those of you just interested in the booty, keep going for the high res shot..

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    What booty?

  • lafdason

    too much bone not enough butt

  • s. hyman

    i like her shape the guys saying no booty now just have to wait she is young yet the older she gets the more it will grow if she stays fit she will be the hot older chick you want lol

  • Kid Salami

    I hate this bitch & even more now cause of that bony ass!

  • adam

    I would fuck the shit out of her. And since she is so young, she probably has a very tight pussy

  • George Costanza

    You should get a picture of Tim Tebow in yoga pants.

  • Brutusdadq

    She got no boobies. :-(

  • Jesse

    Only some look good . Shesegot a ill boys body . Yak

  • George Costanza

    What an ugly bitch


    Damn! What a skinny babe! Great body though. She’d get broken so easily!

  • booty lover

    This picture makes me like this site a Lil less now.. posting that picture deserves a slap in the face..

  • air max 90s

    hot to trot, id breed her

  • http://giyp larry ryan

    no idea who she is

  • borschtmeister

    Blech! Not worthy of this site.

  • StrokerAce

    Yep, small booty.

  • Bk

    You sure that’s not Billy Ray

  • Richard Head

    Not really much ass but I’d still dry hump her while playing her daddy’s music.

  • mlody

    too skiny


    Insufficient tush.

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    Another flat all over White Girl!! I’d rather see the dog in yoga pant

  • Sal

    Not ready for giyp prime time

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    Another flat Ass White Girl!! I’d rather see the dog in yoga pants!!!!

  • mark

    i don’t know why everyone is hating on this she has a great tight ass!


    she’s a hot girl you’re all crazy

  • cazr

    Any ways all still fck her on the street… At list have nice ass…

  • tim

    yeah, I’d hit it. Young, tight… tits stay up without a bra…the good old days.

  • loki

    she was sold to satan at birth by her parents.

  • Aj

    Thank I have been waiting for this one

  • i

    id still fuck it

  • Gary

    I’d take a shot at that. She may be messed up in some wyas, but still young and tight.

  • ScooterDoo

    Thats a small booty, and a saggy one at that! Booooooooo

  • i

    i want to fuck you so hard slut, id fuckin cum all over your tits and make you lick it off and fuckin wreck your pussy you wouldnt be able to walk for days on end

    fuck me now, my cock is so hard wankin to your nice ass

  • hot stuff

    idk y u all r hatin shes got a nice ass that i would fuck anyday u keep on showing off that ass Miley


    If you wouldn’t tap this you are gayer than george castanza

  • kushkang

    miley cyrus is soo sexy…she has the nicest bodyy

  • buck safety

    no tits and no ass, what the fuck is that little slor doing on here?
    that’s some fucked up shit, man. quit gettin’ a boner and thinking you’ve got something good just because you have a picture of someone who’s been on TV. this little slor is some fucked up shit. no real man would touch that shit.

  • Nice

    I love her ass!!

  • ebonybabe

    how is she bones?
    their is way skinner
    on this site tht ppl arent bashing its just because shes famous and u guys r haters!
    iam sure every single person who is bashing her looks hidious!:)
    shes fit” and still has ass and boobs!

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