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Here is Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill’s wife Lauren in yoga pants. Keep going to check out the high-res pic

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  • Anonymous

    High-res… yeah, sure.

  • SoMo

    Sure, I’ll take a high res look at this. <3

  • George Costanza

    I would make this girl my wife so I can have white kids & the white race can continue on!

  • mark

    far too skinny,pretty face but she needs at least 20 lbs on her

  • StrokerAce

    No wonder he’s a QB. I’d be behind her doing that ass and a really looooooooooooong count, never quite yelling “HIKE!” ;)

  • AFan

    This is why black women hate white women. They can only dream of looking like this.
    Secondly, this is why black men WISH they could have hot white women, but the hot white women won’t look at the black men… because blacks smell like feces…

  • Edgar


  • jack

    Very nice!!! Perfection!!!

  • StrokerAce

    I’d like to see her snapper skills. ;)

  • George Costanza

    @ASS MASTER You are on the money!! black girls have wide noses and awful hair. They look like shaved monkeys & the worst part is black women would rather be with a white man just like every other race because everyone knows the white race is superior!

  • Wiggle Man

    She’s pretty hot. Too bad she’s married to a dumb Aggie.

  • cazr

    I hop the she wanna fck with me and to half kids i wanna sperm her pussy evry day to..


    George, 100%.

  • joe

    oooooooooooooh, look at me! I’m a blonde bimbo who married a professional athlete, cause that’s not a cliche’ or anything!! And i’m still sooo starved for attention that i post on GIYP!!

    I ain’t sayin she’s a goldigger.. but…

  • Tub

    Now I see why the Dolphins drafted her bummy husband. Well played Miami, well played

  • Tub

    Now I see why the Dolphins drafted her bummy husband. Well played Miami, well played

  • fuckuassmasterandconstanza

    Thanks fellas for showing how truly ignorant a white man can be. What u fail to realize is that most women that are found attractive or considered beautiful is women of a darker skin complexion, which is why mostly all white women tan to get that beautiful skin color u pieces of shit. Secondly white men fetish for big big butts came from them admiring latinas and blacks not whites. And third how u two sick fucks gonna sit there and say black people stink when I’ve seen you two make comments about fucking after other guys on here just to get a piece of ass. You two are some fucking lames, and probably rarely get any real pussy. thats why u lame fucks are r on this site so much, cuz real pussy and ass is non existent to u jerk off’s. Oh and a few quick facts for u packages… Most professional athletes or black guys for that fact is either dating or have Fuck ur so called beautiful white women, personally i’vs had a few myself. And for the past few years the worlds most beautiful woman (which was voted on by your peers as well as mines) has been women of color, not just white women. BTW, I’m black and don’t discriminate unless ur ignorant like the two fucks I was talking about… Oh, and she cute. But too skinny and don’t even know why she is on here cuz she has no ass.

  • fuckuassmasterandconstanza

    Oh and that’s why most of these photos are photoshopped. Not saying this one is, but most of the ones of white women are, not the blacks or latinas. And what’s with all of the plastic surgeries that ur beautiful white women have to get in order to try to look better just to get that lil’ extra attention? If all guys from every race want them, then why has breast and butt implants have increased over the years as well as Botox and all that crazy shit they do to their bodies. So much for trying to find a true natural white beauty.

  • fuckuassmasterandconstanza

    And if the white race is so superior, then please explain why the urban culture is involved in almost everything in the world today? Why do so many whites wanna be culturally diversed, that every person in the world knows that black guys has some of the biggest pieces, and that we excel in sports more then whites. And please explain why if i was to b walking down the road that u white guys bring ur girls closer and u both would put ur heads down to avoid eye contact thinking I may try to do something, and that US blacks can speak our minds whenever but u white guys gotta have that liquid courage just to get shit off ur chest. I’m not racist by any means. But those ignorant comments were the last straw for me from them two…

  • http://google Lord Voldemort

    Holy shit bitch has a nose

  • D????

    @George Costanza shut yo bitch ass up i seen comments under big booty black woman where yo hoe ass was begging for the puss u punk lil bitch.White girls have long sharp ass noises like pinocchio, flat iron board asses, no thick thighs.And for FLAT ASS MASTER punk lil bitch yall white crackers smell like sour ass baloney.


    Hahaha!!! Poor mooks.. Getting all angry that they’re black and stinky.

    That was a good rant. You should seek professional help. You’re obviously one of the most racist people out there, and even you know it.

    I would hate whites too if I were black. White people are far superior to black. Sorry, it’s just the way it is…

    Now go get in line for your welfare!


    You stupid racists really gotta stop with all your stupid racist bullshit posts! A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman regardless of whether she is black, white, brown, tan, or whatever! And if you need any proof that white women can be just as ugly as anyone, visit your local Wal-Mart, or check out this site’s sister Wal-Mart site!

    Now, that outta the way, this woman is gorgeous and I’d have to be careful I didn’t bruise her sweet lil’ ass from the vigorous banging I’d be giving her every single day!

  • fuckuassmasterandconstanza

    Lol, he said go get in the welfare line… Great comeback for someone that is trying so hard to make stereotypical racial insult, when u for one don’t know me nor do you know what i make to even make that assumption. I’m well educated and got a well paying job where I will never need it. You bring shame to ur entire culture ass master, even my coworker who is white said he wouldn’t claim you. Oh and btw, I live in an area where majority of the people on welfare is white. And I’m not racist nor do I need help, just don’t like it when people are as ignorant and insecure like you and whoever else that feels the need to try to belittle or insult another race just to make themselves feel better. And i bet u wouldn’t talk shit like this in front of anyone of another race, lol you would put ur head down to when you walk by just to avoid eye contact cause you would be scared to look them straight in the eye

  • chico

    Racist fucks. There is only one race and that is the human race. Skin color is just different levels of melanin produced in the skin because of how much sunlight ur in. Because african ancestors left the dessert land scape much later then caucasian ancesters there skin tone is still darker. And by the way if u belive in evolution we all originate fron african ancestry. By the way I’m white and the ignorant comments racist idiots like u leave on here give us people with white skin color a bad name. So shut the fuck up and keep stupid comments to urself. Also this chick is hot just like most of the other women on here. Gotta love back dimples!

  • http://witkh.tumblr.com Witkh13

    Grateful I am, helping Lauren start having her family.

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