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Kim Kardashian has been trying to hide her gargantuan ass in public lately by wearing dresses, jeans, and other things that aren’t yoga pants. Will the GIYP community accept her back after her haitus? Will GIYP.com’s resident comment creeper Johnny give her pics his stamp of approval? We’ll find out..


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  • fanofgiyp

    Really??? Why???

  • bocca

    Johnny approves anything….pulse, no pulse……LOL

  • Vic

    idk about you guys but i love this girl

  • janey

    i love her! not her personality but that body! mmmm….. creeeeamm….

  • StrokerAce

    Of course she’s vastly overexposed, but I’d hit it nonetheless! ;)

  • Packman

    @bocca Too true. Also two-legged or four-legged. Breathes on land or breathes underwater. You name it, he beats it to it.

  • kp

    Sexy f’ing hair! Sexy face. Great tits. Out of shape Fat ass.



  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Althman?feature=mhum Althman

    Yeah, it’s all about the booty. Who is thinking/caring about anything else about Miss…er, what’s her name again? That sweet, juicy ass can’t get away from my eyes!

    Also; most hilarious caption in GIYP site history? The mentioning of Johnny was funny.

  • Antonio Iaccino

    So delicious!

  • Johnny

    Yes, indeed, I approve that message. I believe what you term “nice rack” also applies here.

  • Ryan

    Johnny can you remove your picture, your pic takes this site from guys checking out hot ass, to fucking creepy guys who go to porn theatres. I’m not saying don’t contribute, just pull your mug, when you comment that you want a girl to sit on your face, I have to leave the site.


  • Sandman

    Nah…keep your pic, Johnny – no one else has the balls to post theirs

  • Atom Bossman

    I would post a picture of me if i wanted to… But im not a natural on the site

  • bocca

    @ JANEY…..why don’t you throw some up of you????? you’re a freak just roll with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ass-and-you-shall-receive

    Smoak Jummpur. Exclusively. so, no, no K K for me. That ASS is ruint.
    And Johnny keep the faith. A dirty old man starts out as a sneak looker and that’s what we are here to do:look. Except for Kim K. I’d never touch that.????

  • Scott

    Why does this no talent fat assed hack keep showing up here? Seriously? STOP PUTTING HER PICS UP, she’s nothing to look at.

  • janey

    lol, my man keeps wanting to take my pic to post up here, maybe i’ll let him :p

  • bocca

    I think if you have a hot ass, you should def let him…..I’m a fan of white yoga pants…..feel free to dedicate the pic to me LOL ;-)

  • Robert

    Fuck yes.

  • RB

    Her 15 minutes are up. Can we PLEASE move on? I’d rather see Jennifer Love Hewitt than this dopey whore any day!

  • Aims

    Everyone hating on Kim Kardashian’s ass must have awful taste in butts.

    Unless we had a more up to date picture. She lost so much weight her ass disappeared :(

    Pass on this one. Fail on real life Kim K.

  • Mith

    Nasty Twat. Her and that entire family of retards are nothing but a waste of air.

  • Mikey Likes It

    I’m so glad Johnny got called out on what an incredible creep he is, I thought I was the only one who noticed the pervy old man shit on EVERY pic. But I can’t hate on him…that’ll be me in 40 years, I’m sure.

  • Mikey Likes It

    PS Keep the Kim Kardashian pics coming…she has an incredible gravity defying ass. Who cares if she is only famous for her ass and a sex tape ?

  • JimInNorthwest

    I’d definitely let her eat crackers in my bed.

  • fiz


  • aceable

    I love everything about Kim, I love your ass, I love her tits and I lover her smokin curvy body. Her cleavage in this picture looks so luscious I just want to titty fuck the shit out of them. Now that ass, holy shit that ass gives me a boner every time I look at it and I could spend days doing naughty things to her naked body.

  • bob

    id bury my face in her spandex butt

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