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To say that I would “drag my balls through a mile of broken glass just to sniff the seat that ass sat on” or that I’d “suck a fart out of that ass and hold it like a bong hit” would be an understatement. The things I would be willing to do to give her the most disappointing 17 seconds of her life would have me locked up for as long as I’m alive.. and it’d totally be worth it. Keep going for the enlarged shots..


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  • jack

    Her a$$ is fat!!! Glorified slut can’t believe she is listed under the catagory of celebrity! I guess all you have to do is screw around with ball players to be classified a celebrity!

  • StrokerAce

    Other than when she’s undeservedly walking a red carpet or getting nailed by the latest professional athlete boyfriend of hers, is there a time when she’s not wearing yoga pants?

    That said, I’m sure I’d still tap it, but with an iron condom.

  • http://Girlsinyogapants.com Ass sniffer

    She can suck a gold ball through a garden hose I’ll give her that

    She took ray jay’s huge dick like a champ

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    She a # 1 Whore I’d still shove my dick up her
    ass!! Then shoot on her Face!!!

  • YouFace

    Played out……

  • Duke Obama

    Being fat and stupid shouldn’t make you a Celeb. Her and her dumb fucking sisters can all eat shit.

  • Stratman

    She’s a beautiful girl. She shouldn’t wear yoga pants though. Her legs are in proportionately skinny compared to her ass. She looks much better in a dress. That being said, pass. I’m sick of looking at her.

  • Gordon


  • Netjnke

    Did they photoshop it and this time make her ass smaller?

  • blackls

    What an over rated FAT ASS! If the media would quit showing off this Bitch, she might go away.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • donkason

    Yeah, I’ll pass on a played out skank with a funny looking ass and an obnoxious thigh to ass ratio. It makes me believe her ass is fake it looks so goofy. If anybody wants to tap it just be black and drink Gatorade and you are in the mix.

  • mveliz

    digusting…. her ass looks loose just like her pussy… she has never had a nice ass. horse ass having bitch.

  • Jenny Taylia

    Ha ha all you haters are mugs and fags. I’d beast that fucka and it wouldn’t take me 17 seconds!!!!



  • CArdell

    Kim is exotic and beautiful, most white women try to hard to get a booty like this but Kim kardashian has the best ass, those leggings would come off if I was with her and I would bang her so hard

  • yo ma!

    she’s one nasty hooker…i have a friend who’s granma looks exactly like that cept she’s 68, what’s kims excuse?

  • Johnson

    The most beautiful women on the planet ! Only worthy of yoga pants with an ass like that, she wears those so guys like us can fap to that tight exotic booty

  • BootyHunter

    This Bitch is a mutt! fatty ass whore. fuck ur family and OJ

  • Jimbostro

    Hey look little Ms Piggy went to market

  • eddie45

    “Kim is exotic and beautiful, most white women try to hard to get a booty like this”….don’t think so you racist faggot. She’s a true fame whore CUNT who needs to take her lard ass away from us before we go blind!

  • http://www.349finejewelry.com D

    is it just me or does this not look like her at all?

  • buck safety

    THIS SKANKY AND OH-SO STINKY BITCH AND HER WHOLE FUCKIN’ FAMILY ARE SUCH FUCKIN’ PIGS. I WOULDN’T TOUCH THAT NASTY STD INFECTED ASS, NO FUCKIN’ WAY. I’d rather tap that nobody bitch with her. at least I’d have a better chance of not getting an STD. everyone of those fucked up kardashian bitches (just like their mother) is fucked up. apologies to judge judy: beauty fades, but being a SHITTY NASTY STICKY STINKY MONEY LOVING STUPID-AS-FUCK WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT is forever.

  • buck safety

    that ain’t a big booty. that’s a tub of lard.

  • Mark

    What a whore, but not gonna lie.. The booty is next to flawless, I’d kill for an ass like that! Imagine waking up next to that beauty and just going to pound town when you want, I wanna put this slut in her place

  • Marco

    I would frame a photo of her nice booty, never seen a better looking girl , her booty Is asking to be smacked and worked on.. Cmere girl

  • Kristian

    I wish more women looked like this where I live, gotta love her sexy booty and beauty

  • George

    SO much Kim k hate! But she’s got an ass on her like I never seen, one day if I see her ima grab that booty

  • George

    The nobody with her is fine ass hell too! Three way please

  • caleb

    gross, shes fat.her legs look like hine legs from a horse.

  • bob

    she’s a fucking stupid fat whore… I can’t believe she’s a celebrity. most people who want to sit around and do nothing have to go on welfare but not this fat cunt I hate that fat whore


    I would fuck her, but there are way hotter girls on this site, I don’t see why she is famous. I can see why the brothers like her so much. once you get the “i’ve been sitting in gravel for hours” ass I just can’t get too worked up.

  • ry.g

    i know 40 year old mothers that have asses 10x nicer than that

  • Fernando

    Let me give you an advice: Just because the gossip media tells you that an ass is nice doesn’t really mean is nice. This ass gotta be most overrated ass in the Hollywood(well, Hollywood doesn’t know shit about booties anyway). I have seen much much better asses in my city. I would kindly take some creep shots but I do not have a good camera :\.

  • hillrocks99

    alright. i know everyone likes her ass and everything but it’s just nasty. too big for me, she’s all yours guys

  • fahro

    yeah this site has better asses but kim k is still hot as fuck, id smack that ass all night

  • jim

    damn dat ass

  • hank

    look at that body (booty)

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