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katy perry
We had to bring back these Katy Perry yoga pants shots from 2010 because we haven’t seen any more of her this good yet. Do any more exist, or are they still waiting to be taken?

katy perry

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  • Nelson

    she look good

  • LATallMan

    Agreed. I think her 15 minutes are drawing to a close, though. She can’t sing. Her voice is really thin and awful. Oh well, if she keeps her shape, she can probably get into porn.

  • swsquish

    NO ASS!

  • aceable

    I would totally do her tits and her ass

  • Manny

    Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes got a nice ass

  • i

    i wanan titty fuck her so hard my dick would be so hard and id jizz all over them and hump her boobs all night

    then id fuck her ass and ruin her ability to fucking walk after i fuck her so hard

  • Mr moaterboaturtits

    I would fuck her tities until my dicks raw then I would put some lube
    On it and fuck them some more then I would cum all over that sweet innocent face and she will have the biggest orgasm while her pussy squirts all over her white panties!

  • Chun

    She Ugly…..Me no want….

  • Concerned

    Holy fuck, these comments are out of control.

  • Richard Head

    I’d get my shots, run up in her, and then get a second round of shots when I’m done.

  • http://www.first.com first

    Innocent face? Seriously? She looks like a dirty attention whore skank. And she is

    With that said, i’d definitely titty fuck her ass

  • momshotter

    not that i dont think celebrites are hot but ……… this site is starting to feel like E! entergayment or somthin…….candid shots are shit she aint posin for this

  • StrokerAce

    I would totally hit that and motorboat those tits. :)

  • redline

    i would do awful things to her

  • SkDiver

    whats the big deal ??
    Ohh i see ; USA have lot’s of FAT ugly women so when they see a hot one every body goes crazy , thanks god i move to Brazil , this is an every day everywhere thing

  • Diggler

    rack, and decent booty, LEGENDARY!!

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