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Would you hump the leaning tower of booty? Keep going for the high res pic and let us know what you think in the comments!

Submitted by Jakim

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  • Me

    Fake Ass Shit

  • D????

    Yall always shouting about how something is fake or photoed shopped yall lil lames need to get out side more and get girls more there are gurls that have big booty’s,thick thighs & big tits with everything else small with out nothing been done DAMN yall lame

  • spotter

    Is that a wet spot??? damn she makes Zebra yoga pants hot…but she has some DSL’s (dick sucking lips) as well…

  • http://twitter.com/drizzy drixxy

    thats not fake, thats jynx maze mother fuckers

  • StrokerAce

    “Would you hump the leaning tower of booty?”

    Hell yeah! That’s an even dumber question than asking if “former” GIYP poster jimbo jones had enjoyed being gangbanged by the Catholic priests in the rectory a couple of years ago.

  • StrokerAce
  • Blkdaddy

    Fuck yeah I would!!! that is a mighty fine booty, i think i’ll go watch it get pounded.

  • loki

    what a fugly mud ball ladyboy!!!

  • The Last Universalist

    Very nice! I’d take her home in a New Yawk minute and worship her properly.

  • YourFace

    Very Real Booty, her name is Jynx Maze,

  • Dumpjr

    What’s fitting is that is a picture from the movie Ass Woorship.

  • JD

    Typical pig that we would all love to bang

  • Chris

    Y’all seriously need to start checking your info before you yell “fake”. Look up the website at the bottom of the pic then tell me it’s fake. Dumbass!

  • Rick

    hell yea …..i would tap that.

  • http://twitter jrizzy

    Oh my GOooooooooohhhhhddnessssss I got strips she can keep it solid!

  • Aldus Xenon


  • creeper

    thats Diane somethin shes a porn star lmao aint fake lol

  • Landon F

    Its not fake, its just the photo angle. She is smokin hot. I’d love to just sniff it

  • Horseflesh

    Makes me wanna feed her hay an shit

  • M.S. in Bootyology

    Not the cutest chick, but i would still get an hour workout with that.

  • Stratman

    I think that is Jynx Maze. She has a little bit of a horse teeth thing going on and the lisp to go with it. On the bright side, if you search her on Xvideos, there are plenty of vids with her taking it in the ass.

  • Carnage

    OMG!!!! How many poor endangered pink zebras had to die so that this porn slut could cover her big ass? Oh the humanity!!!

    And what’s with the horse face?

  • Mr. S

    I’m in love…again.

  • al f

    lookie its one of them thar city zebras

  • jack


  • Tommy

    Man when I look @ this is see a nice juicy drum stick ready to be eatin. This is exactly why I am obsessed with the ass of a female. By far the absolute best part of the female body. There is a GOD!

  • robert allen

    I would like to stay up her asshole ALL-NIGHT-LONG!!!

  • Jusnotrite

    I’d pound her til those stripes fell off the pants!

  • Anonymous

    “too much BOOTY in da Paaaants” :D

  • Assmirer

    Amazing ,)

  • Master Amsu

    Nothing better then a real big ass on a girl that looks like she could suck the chrome off a bumper hitch!

  • edu

    Jynx Maze

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