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The smoking hot celebrity you see here being stripped of her yoga pants in a game of Celebrity Flag Football is famous for no other reason but her amazing body. Continue reading to find out who she is, and who’s doing us the favour of removing her clothing.

It’s Marisa Miller! … … still don’t have a clue who she is? Check out your Sports Illustrated or Victoria’s Secret catalog (if you can get the pages unstuck together) and you might just see her striking a pose. And that kind gentleman removing her pants? The one and only, Tom Arnold. Thank you Tom!


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  • janey

    thanks tom <3

  • 12banger


  • John

    to thin, where’s the ass..

  • me

    i like it!

  • Moe Dirt

    Thank you Tom.

  • David

    It’s Marissa Miller! She’s HOT! Check out your girlfriends Victoria’s Secret catalog! She’s the hottest girl in there (other than Adrianna Lima, of course!!).

  • Cereal Rapist

    I’m glad to see he’s finally pulling the pants down of a hot chick. I mean, come on Tom! Roseanne Barr? What the fuck were you thinking???

  • alex

    wow. what has the world come to? WHO really cares about victoria secret models anyway? gosh.

  • Sad Citizen

    Being that skinny isn’t natural or healthy. Girls shouldn’t have to suck off all their fat and starve themselves into a size zero just so men will accept them. It’s retarded that weighing 117 pounds is still considered not skinny enough to most men. Oh well, I found my sweetheart already and he likes my curves. Marissa can keep her skin and bones :P.

    Ladies, fat is good in moderation. You trim all your fat and work out vigorously every day, you know what happens? You stop menstruating. A ton of track and field girls at my college had this problem. You become infertile until your body has enough fat to support a child. Your estrogen levels drop. So really, if a guy wants you to be a twig thin fatless girlfriend, he wants sex, not a family in the long run. Stick with guys who like you for who you are. They are very hard to find these days, but it’s worth waiting for :)

  • the kid

    sure, she’s wearing yoga pants (sorta), but does she belong on this site…?

  • joey joe joe

    “Sad Citizen”, i hate you. vent your insecurities somewhere else and let us oggle attractive ladies

  • UttButt

    Dude, no joke, thats my friends sister, I have met her, and it is a lovely ass in person as well.

  • Jiggaapril

    To all you women who want to blame extremely skinny girls on men, stop its women fault they get that skinny, only women and gay men say models should be that skinny. most men except women the way they are.

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