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Who does this end table-ass belong to?

It’s Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian


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  • Rhino

    I’d know that ass from 100 yards away.


  • ranD

    this is actually a very old pic of her.

  • Kp

    Over. Rated. Somebody kill that bitch. I’ll take the lovely amateurs over that any time.

  • German

    Don´t like it

  • WHO

    cease and desist with Kim K. seen it, onto to the next one please.

  • Marco

    Yea, that is the worst pic of her ass I’ve seen yet.

  • MyLeftNut

    Again with the no talent ASS-clown? You could land an aircraft on that nastiness! NO MORE!!!

  • RB

    I’m with everyone else here. Her 15 minutes are up…let’s move on.

  • GoCanes

    Goddammit guys.

  • fanofgiyp

    I knew it even before making the jump. PLEASE in the name of all that’s right and holy stop with the pics of this over rated ho bag!!!

  • Jlamb

    Ugh. I’m so agreeing with the rest that girls had her 15 move on. Show me some real chicks with nice asses.

  • Ray

    YUCK! tooooooooooo fugly for me!!


    Damn… LARDASSIAN again? Don’t youguys have anything better? Like maybe replacing a server or something?

  • roger klotz

    quit crying about her ass… any of you clowns would gladly stick your face directly into those cheeks


    Yeah Roger … you’re right

  • A.J.

    Really???? How many times to we have to keep seeing a bunch of stuck up rich little bitches like them over and over again?? Isn’t there any other celeb out there besides the cunt sisters that you can get pictures of???

  • ed45

    Must be very uncomfortable to stuff a Virgina ham in your pants. Enough with the fat ass publicity whore already.

  • Peter North

    She’s been poked more times than a pin cushion!
    Fresh ass please…

  • Stephen

    kim k is ugly but that ass is fat. beautiful from tits down

  • daniel

    okay… i really wouldn’t have a problem with endless pics of a celeb booty. Actually would love it providing it was nice, toned, and round… not all chunky and looks like a pillow that has been packed in a box so long it still hasn’t lost the square edged figure.

  • DiGuM


  • Tony

    If Kim has proved anything with her sex video and her time on “Dancing With The Stars”…it’s that she’s got an ass, but doesn’t know how to use it.

  • syd

    you all are haters shes gourgeous and that ass is amazing!

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