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This afternoon a friend sent me over the new Miley Cyrus video saying it was something I would not want to miss . Initially I found his statement extremely confusing… but when I went on to watch the video it took only seconds to see exactly what he was talking about. For kids of today, this is the equivalent of when Christina Aguilera came out with the video for “Dirty” and they had to play a warning before it. Seriously, just watch this video:


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  • Pipedog

    What Booty? I’ve seen 12 year old BOYS with more ass than that! No tits, no ass, can’t sing … useless pop tart!.

  • bws

    Man she used to be hot… what happened?

  • holyshititsgood

    no ass and looks like a queer boy

  • StrokerAce

    She’d have to throw on a wig before I could hit it. I think she stole some of Justine Bieber’s moves. :/

  • paul

    this is just messed up. she even butchered an 80s song. this is not good. also not much of an ass on her

  • Donny

    omg wow

  • gizmo

    only girls think this is hott. mostly because they have no concept of hott. No booty either. what happened GIYP?

  • bugs bunny

    is the new objective of young women to look as retarded as possible these days? whats with celebs shaving part of their head?

  • Neal

    Stick my ass into her face and fart.

  • Ted Smith
  • Max

    Eh, I’d still ram her.

  • Dick Worm

    Not a fan…bitch tries too hard and still looks terrible. There’s literally a hundred girls featured on this site that I would fuck if given the chance before getting around to her.

  • Dr T and the Women

    She looks like someone in the middle of gender reassignment. Please no more of this.

  • smelly

    Gross. I have to look at that creature everytime I open the site now. She literally gave me diarrhea. No more

  • big guwop

    stop posting pics of this little dyke till she grows her hair back

  • sybrrrr

    Gotta bad feeling that she aint gonna make it to 30.

  • Curley

    I wouldn t do that nasty bitch with your “dick”

  • tok

    That’s what AIDS looks like

  • Cybr

    I have to agree with the others. I give this about a -3 on the crank-o-meter.

  • Chun


  • Random Hero

    Guess im the only one who likes it ha

  • Bob

    I’d bang the hell out of her if i had the chance!!

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  • Lesbian

    Miley is ugly as f*ck. I can’t even enjoy looking at her ass because of her ugly haircut and face. I can’t even take her seriously since she used to used to be on a show for fucking 10 year olds. Once you’re a Disney star, nobody will ever be able to take you seriously ever again. Her voice is so annoying, imagine trying to bang her, she’d be all “OHH GAWD” in her squeaky little pig voice.

  • http://witkh.tumblr.com Witkh

    I am surprised at the level of snobbish comments. I’d agree that she should give up ‘trying’; However, she still is, and looks like, an attractive woman. I’d absolutely and abundantly agree to have consensual sex with her. I believe any man who says otherwise is either homosexual or lying… at least to themselves.

  • bacb

    Did u really compare this trash to video as sexy as dirty??? Miley doesn’t hold a flame to xtina

  • Tracks

    The video is bad. Miley’s not hot. Honestly, I’d go out for a beer with her and talk about how difficult women are.

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