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Reddit user imjustadude90 grabbed these images of 23-year-old actress Emma Watson in a movie called Bling Ring 2013. I definitely would not have guessed she’d have an ass like that.

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  • Chi cheung


  • Jacob

    Holy fuck, I’ve always thought she was hot, but got damn that ass is incredible

  • M

    Damn Hermione! Not bad ;)

  • jacson

    i’ve known she’s my soul mate since the first movie. She will be mine. but i did NOT expect a super fine ass.

    sweet lord.

  • anon

    Field Hockey.

  • George Costanza

    The first time I saw her I found instant attraction I would put a ring on her.

  • jamie

    I called dibs back when the first Harry Potter movie came out. Suck it.

    But i never ever suspected her of having such a rocking ass. No idea.

  • Georgia

    the picture on the left looks very photoshopped

  • TruffleShufflen

    The movie sucked, but she was amazing and hot throughout. I love how I can now see these in a still picture. I’ve seen every movie she has been in. I will be Mr. Watson!

  • Cybr

    Hey Hermione, wanna see my magic wand?

  • Ronnie

    I don’t really care for how her ass looks she is still beautiful

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