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  • StrokerAce

    I will love her and she won’t have to be depressed any more. :)

  • Neal

    No kidding, they say sex is great medicine for depression.

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Too bad its only a frontal. I would love to see that classy young tight sexy ass.

    Although it might be too bony. Regardless, would love to sniff it. And steal her panties so I can sniff them everyday.

    She’s one of the hottest girls out there. The camera guy, I bet, took more than one pic. Especially of hr ass. If not, then he’s a fag. We should look for the rest of the pics.

  • Billy Bob

    MILA, MILA, MILA! Been a HUGE fan of her since that 70′s show started. I had a boner for her then and I still do. (have you seen friends with benefits) I’d eat the corn out of her shit just to see where it came from. Oh the dirty dirty things I would love to do to her. She’s an 11 on my crank-o-meter!

  • mordred

    ^^ depressed? not depressed with my affection. just get enough room in those pants/panties and i’ll show her how to be happy >.>

    first shove your fist up your vagina, you worthless sack of shtako

  • WACO

    MOST overrated girl EVER. If she wasn’t famous, you wouldn’t even notice her on the street. She’s got a pretty face (when she has makeup on), but she also looks like a troll sometimes, and her body is definitely nothing special. In other words…Yaaaaawn

  • DougieLittleHand

    I know shes hot but I can’t beat off to this pic. Her being sad makes my dong sad

  • Billy Bob

    @WACO you must be wacko. Overrated???? A troll? You wouldst know a good looking girl if she sat on your face. Then again it probably has never happened to you. So I guess you don’t know what a good looking girl is then.

  • DougieLittleHand

    Correction I can beat off to it. I just took about 20 minutes longer

  • Sal

    Hey WACO! Ur the biggest Fag this side of the Planet! U must love those Fat Bitches w/sloppy asses like Fatass Kim Kardashian uh Faggot ? !! I bet u wear a Snuggie with an exposed Asshole so ur Faggot Dad can bang U ! Homo! Mila is Hot even if she was a regular Ho out on the street !!

  • WACO

    @Billy Bob That doesn’t make any sense. If I never had a girl, then wouldn’t that make me less picky? Your logic would dictate that I would be so horny that I would jump on anything that breathes.

  • WACO

    @Sal, Yes, I wear a snuggie with an exposed asshole so my homo dad can fuck me. I knew someone was watching us you little rascal

  • Billy Bob

    Ok then WACKO let me spell it out for you. Mila is a good looking girl, some would even call her hot. Like about every men’s magazine in the country and everybody that commented here. What I’m saying is that you have no good taste in women. If she sat on your face you still wouldn’t realize that she’s a hot chick even then, being that close to her. Then I figured out why you wouldn’t know. Cuz you haven’t ever been with a good looking hottie. You’re kind of like a 1st grader “girls are icky”. Did I dumb it down enough for you to understand?

  • docsmily

    all she needs is my tongue up her ass

  • WACO

    Billy Bob, so you have to have been with a good looking woman to recognize one? Hmmm…..so you have to have owned a Ferrari in order to recognize a good looking car? Lol, you know you don’t make sense bro. Why you taking this so personally, you dating her? LOL. Let me just clarify, I would let her sit on my face any day, and yes, she is good looking. I just said that she’s nothing special. She’s a pretty girl, that’s it. I don’t think that merrits all the attention she gets. Lol, you act as if being on the covers of all these magazines adds some validity to your argument. You realize it’s all business right? She just happened to be the flavor of the month and so everyone wanted a piece of the pie.

  • dcuplover

    this lady does absolutely nothing for me. I can’t understand all the press on her???

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