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9 Pictures Of Alexandra Bring And Friends

Jon Johnsonposted by:

alexandra-bring-5Our growing archive of Alexandra Bring is worth checking out if you’ve never heard of this Swedish bombshell. It would also be in your best interest to check out her Instagram. A word to the wise, though: set an alarm before you start browsing or you could lose a few days of your life.

alexandra-bringNow if you aren’t wishing that was your handprint on her ass by now, these 7 pictures should change your mind. › Continue reading

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Left or Right: Twins In Yoga Pants

Herb Eaversmellsposted by:

Whether they like to admit it or not, every parent has a favorite child. Likewise, every boy that meets these two sisters will have a favorite as well. Take a good long look at all the wonderful things both of these girls have to offer and then let us know which one you pick in the comments. High-res pic ›


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I Will Never Believe This Ass Belongs To A 45 Year Old

Lemmy Fistergashposted by:

It has been brought to my attention that the woman we featured here, is actually 45 years old. I do not believe that. Not for one second.


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GIF: A Beautiful Little Ass Jiggle

Jon Johnsonposted by:

I never understood how people could stare at art for hours on end, until I saw this GIF.


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Jon Johnsonposted by:

A friend introduced me to ChickenTuna.com, and shortly thereafter I lost consciousness. That was 11 days ago, and I just came too surrounded by thousands of crumpled, crusty tissues and with a hand cramp similar to Jerry Seinfeld’s in the royalty checks episode. › Continue reading


11 Comments Amateur  //  Small Booty  //  Yoga Shorts
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