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What’s better than a hot girl in yoga pants? A hot girl who smokes weed in yoga pants. Continue reading “4/20: HOT GIRL IN WEED PRINTED YOGA PANTS” »

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She Wears Her Thong Over Her Pants

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11 Reasons You Should Already Be Following @MichelleBalvs On Twitter

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michelle-balvsNormally I would title this something along the lines of “Michelle Balvs Will You Marry Me?”, but with the changing of the seasons I’ve decided I need to change as well. It’s a new me! Hopefully with a lot less restraining orders. So without further ado, here are the 11 reasons you should be following (and I should be marrying) @MichelleBalvs:

1. Thigh Gapmichelle-balvs-1

2. Her booty is so good, it defies the laws of naturemichelle-balvs-3

Click here for 9 more reasons ››

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Titty Tuesday: Short Shorts Edition

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short-shorts-2Another high-quality yoga shorts submission from the Assman, who’s making a hell of a return. We only hope he can maintain this pace.
short-shorts-1If she’s making your pants tighter, check out the final picture below with caution. She’s topless, so there’s a possibility your pants may tear. + 1 more pic

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Seven Bridesmaids Line Up

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You may choose only one.

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