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Titty Tuesday: Goth Edition

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giyp-sarah-001I usually try to refrain from using the term ‘goth’ as a lot of people don’t seem to enjoy the label, but this girl @StillSarahAllen has it listed in her bio so I think it’s okay. You may or may not recognize her, as her booty and excellent thigh gap have been featured on our website a few times in the past. Well, I was talking to her yesterday and she decided to snap some new pics of herself. I was pretty happy with the results, and may have went to full chub when she mentioned her tight little body is sculpted from a strict lifestyle of red meat and squats.

Browsing her Instagram, you’ll notice she’s got an exceptionally attractive [Read: Big bootied] roommate. Now I’m no rocket appliance, but I’m pretty sure if we’re nice enough we can convince them both to pose side by side in yoga pants. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s something I’m very interested in seeing. › Continue reading

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Left or Right? Two small booties in one creep shot

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A fan submits his girlfriend, possibly for the second time (6 Photos)

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girlfriend-007The guy who submitted these pics may or may not have submitted some pictures back in 2011. Not that we’re assuming anything, we just think it’s possible he’s not still with that same girl which could make this submission very awkward, but fuck it.. it’s Monday morning and we all deserve a excitement to start our week off right. Continue reading for 5 more pictures and a link to the old post ›

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A very tight booty in red

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The best of both worlds

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gym-buddy-001Yoga pants and yoga shorts, big booty and little booty. GIYP fan Greg sent in these pics which he says belong to @sommerrayy. And because we know most of you are all about the big booty, we’ve included another pic of the girl in yoga shorts for your viewing pleasure. › Continue reading

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