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This girl has got a tiny booty but those tan lines are sexy AF

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Five girls that look amazing from the front and back (47 Pictures)

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Lemy-Beauty-001While we try to focus on the booty as much as possible, girls like @LemyBeauty here make it damn near impossible to not pay attention to other half of a woman’s body. So we’ve lined up 5 very attractive girls with big asses for you to spend you the next 20 minutes staring at. If you make it to the end without a boner, you might be a little bit confused about your sexuality. › Continue reading

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A petite, gorgeous blonde that can’t keep her pants on (4 Pics & 7 Videos)

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blonde-girls-001If I saw this girl walking down the street, I would definitely be doing a couple of laps around the block to revisit the view. She looks like the type of girl you bring home to mom and mom is like “DAMN SON!” and slaps you the biggest high five. You can check her out on Instagram @Krystal_A_Fit – or you can check out the amazing set of pictures and videos we’ve put together for you below. › Continue reading

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Her pants are a bit too small

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imageWell to me, they’re just the right size!

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A Hot Girl In White Yoga Pants

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white-yoga-pantsI’m not sure if we’ve posted this picture before, or another one from the set, but this certainly looks familiar. Either way, thanks to global warming this is probably the closest we’re going to get to a white Christmas. I shouldn’t say that, you guys will probably start burning piles of tires in preparation for next year.

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