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Kelsey Allbright In Yoga Pants

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kelsey-allbright-1We asked and you delivered! Everyone go ahead and give it up for GIYP fan “chum”, who managed to identify this insanely sexy “girl next door” we posted yesterday as Instagram star Kelsey Allbright. I say Instagram star, because I have no idea what she does in life aside from being the woman of my dreams.
kelsey-allbright-2In the off chance you’re reading this Kelsey, would you like to get married to a guy who’s proposed to about 700 different women online? I swear I’m not desperate, I just smoke a lot of weed so I have a very short attention span. But if you say yes I promise you’ll have my heart for at least a couple of days.
kelsey-allbright-3You can find her on Twitter under the same name: @KelseyAllbright – or, if you’re not in to that, you can check out the pics waiting for you below. We’ve included two swimsuit pics and one of her in her underwear, because she’s so damn hot I could look at her in anything. Click here for 7 more pics ›

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Titty Tuesday: Geri Burgess

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geri-burgessSubmitted by DEV

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The Sexiest Canadian Ever In Yoga Pants

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canadian-GIYP-1Have to give a major shout out to GIYP fan Jan J for discovering the insanely hot @KathleenEggleton, who might just be the sexiest Canadian on Instagram.
canadian-GIYP-2Perhaps it’s our shared heritage making us biased, knowing that we live in the same province and may some day cross paths. I know, it’s highly unlikely seeing as there’s not a lot of public space between my basement man cave and the fridge upstairs, but with an ass like that I might be willing to brave the cold in hopes of some day seeing it in person.
canadian-GIYP-3Hell, I’d even consider signing up for the same gym as her if there was a McDonalds nearby. So strap yourself in and enjoy the next 26 pictures, because this girl is hot enough to make a Ryan Gosling weep. Also, we’ve included a bonus bikini pic because she’s just that damn hot. Start the slideshow ›

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Kate Upton’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Like most anti-social losers, I avoided the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge like the plague. This included watching videos of other people having fun while doing it. Thankfully, GIYP fan Hector submitted this video nearly 2 months after all that crap has calmed down and now we can enjoy this video for what it is truly all about, Kate Upton’s ass in yoga pants. Still don’t want to watch any more ice bucket challenge videos? That’s fine, here’s a GIF of the best part:


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16 of the sexiest blondes in yoga pants the Internet has to offer

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Featured above is the notorious Reddit user /u/TheDiggityDank, and she’s here with 15 other beautiful blondes in no particular order. Say which ones are your favorites in the comments! Start the slide show ››

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