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Hot Best Friends With Big Butts (6 PICS)

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michelle-balvs-friend-002I know it’s only been 3 days since you’ve seen her booty, but I don’t think anyone will be complaining about these new pics. On the right, you have my future wife @MichelleBalvs and her big donk looking incredible, and on the left you have the reason I’ll be voting in support of polygamy any chance I get. Click here to check out new pics of them both »

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Amanda Lee is still smokin’ hot

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28 of her hottest pics »

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3 is better than 1

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@MichelleBalvs keeps getting hotter

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michelle-balvs-004Where exactly is the line between “adorable internet crush” and “creepy, booty-obsessed stalker”? Because I think I crossed it when I saw these new pics of @MichelleBalvs. Her Instagram leads me to believe she lives in yoga pants, wearing them to parties, strip clubs, and even to the dildo store she works at! As if the guys weren’t flustered enough walking in there, they’ve got to see this gorgeous girl with her insane ass. That’s got to be either really good, or really bad for business.

In unrelated news, I’m going to be moving to.. uh.. whatever town she lives in for uh… work? Yeah, work. I’m moving there for work, my job is reviewing dildo stores and interviewing their employees. Click here for 3 more pics ›

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Eating pizza in workout shorts

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via @luxiboo

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