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It’s a fact. Another fact is that there is no better way to celebrate a Hump Day than with a doggystyle girl in see-through yoga pants! The submitter’s name is Marie, which got me excited for a female creep shotter; then I noticed that hairy ass leg off to the right and my boner disappeared.

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  • Booty Man

    QUESTION: why if you have a piece of ass like that floating around your house, are you not splitting it in half instead of snapping creep shots!?

  • assbandito

    That makes me happy in all the right places!!

  • M.S. in Bootyology

    Uhhh… NO. why do u guys like skinny ass chicks? Women are suppose to have figures like women and not 13 year old boys. Just my opinion.


    Now this I can breathe for.

  • dr sheet

    …my god, please give us more of this

  • uhhh

    you could have cropped the photo…

  • cazr

    I have my dog down here it is ready to fck you like i doggi stile…

  • Paul Brown

    Omg this is what i hope for when i check giyp. Perfect ass for sure

  • Asses

    from looking in the mirror it looks like she’s got her head buried into the bed. love that. means she’s been there before, getting railed from behind. #experienced.

  • StrokerAce

    It’s just not fucking fair. I want to tap that ass in that position. It’s just ideal for a good pumpin’! :D

  • aj

    This is the nicest shot i have seen on here

  • Tok

    Oh damn look @ those feet :-P

  • buck safety

    yo, what the fuck you talkin’ ’bout, Willis? What fuckin’ hairy ass leg? can’t see shit in this shot cause you didn’t include a hi-res version. that’s some fucked up shit, man. plus, you can crop that man shit out of there. or, maybe that marie is european where they don’t shave that shit. don’t mean they got a dick down there. fuck. start doin’ the hi res on the good shit and leave the dog shit alone. fuck.

  • buck safety

    that ain’t no 13 year old boy, motherfucker! that’s some fine shit.

  • charizard

    Can’t tell if a 12 year old faggot, or just an unhealthily skinny grown woman.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    yes LORD!

  • loki

    she waiting for you stroker! I’am sure Tyrone, her pimp will let you have a go at it for the right price?

  • T_N_A

    Little to skinny but still fuckable.

  • Matonji grom


  • Kme

    I know that ass. The perfect ass on my perfect girl.

  • robert allen

    Take those paints off, let me lube you up, so i can put it all the way up your asshole!!!….Just hope you enjoy!!!

  • Datguycash

    Doggystyle til da fuckin condom dissolves in her ass

  • Tom

    nice shot the dog in the back ground does nothing to me with a nice ass like that perfect shot u can see all the good stuff i would so do her doggy style

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