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Cassie Sumner getting changed outside her car

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cassie-sumner-01Apparently she’s a glamour model and TV presenter, but she landed in our inbox under the name “Jose Fonte’s wife”. I actually had to Google them both, turns out he’s a soccer player. (read: Footballer for anyone outside of North America)

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This vid isn’t supposed to be about her ass, but it’s totally all about her ass

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Imma marry this girl some day.

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@Khloe In Yoga Pants

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A photo posted by Khloë 🇨🇦 (@khloe) on

We posted this pic to our IG today because it’s damn amazing, but I have to point out once again that this girl Khloe has a baller ass username. I’m used to seeing shit like @the_real_khloe_00123 or worse, so this was a nice breath of fresh air. To be fair though, I have no idea what her last name is.

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But it worked for Cher, and Khloe has 1.6 million followers, so I don’t think there’s going to be any issues. She’s just gotta make sure that Kardashian that no one cared about for so long doesn’t overshadow her. Now go check out the bikini pic of her and a friend waiting for you below. › Continue reading

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Best seat in the house

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best-seat-in-the-houseSubmitted by Raj, I think we can all agree we want to live his life. DAMN! Our inbox is lit af.

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A visitor’s girlfriend in yoga pants

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visitors-gfSubmitted by Dave, looks like he’s doing something right because that booty is pretty on point. What do you guys think?

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