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  • BBD

    Perfection! Need more of these guys. I think the guys will agree this is our preferred picture position.

  • Maximus Erectus

    This shot will do. However, a shot from behind must be absolutely asstacular! Damn -I’ve got a pole that she can work out with!!

  • buttslammer

    hell yea. That bitch has a nice round perfect tush. She could crack my little pecker with those glutes. If she can do 10 reps of that rolling plank, that’s all it would take for me spunk while I slam that ass.

    my god that’s a beauty. Nice back arch too.

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch



    Whoever took the picture must have a million more and is lucky as hell to be in that class with that attention whore.

    She’s probably sweaty as hell and her asshole is stinky but I would still sniff it and lick it. MMMMMmmmmm salty.

    Nice pic, serves her right for going to work out with slutty clothes.

  • StrokerAce

    I’d love to mount that ass from behind. YEAH BABY! :D

  • Chun

    This…..I Like!

  • paul

    i would love to dump my man juice all over that ass

  • chester

    by far one of the best pictures i have seen on this site.



  • steve

    her form is awful, that back should not be arched

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