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For everyone who had to sit through the Academy Awards last night — it sucks to be you. From listening to Howard this morning it sounds like Anne Hathaway won something. For those who saw her last night on the Oscars and were curious what she’d look like in yoga pants, here you go. Is it everything you expected it to be?


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  • Ron

    ZOMG, yes please!

  • DougieLittleHand

    Where did her ass go?

  • Billy Bob

    Nice; very nice! She has grown into a beautiful woman. She has one of the nicest smiles I’ve ever cum acrossed. I give her ass in this pic a very happy 8.5 on my crank-o-meter.

  • jigsaw

    course she has a tight ass

    cat women in tights yummm

  • second


    Ya i’m always second bitch!!
    Except with that fruit loop Billy bob’s mama. Then i’m eighteenth. That girls been ridden hard and put away wet. But she is always wet when she sees me and my army helmet. The only thing billy bob cranks is his papas unit.
    As for Anne Hathaway she can do me any hathaway. This has my bubbling mushroom stamped shape of approval

  • StrokerAce

    I would pump the shit out of her, but she can go from ultra-hot to gawky-looking and back again. It’s really odd. Yeah, I’d hit it anyway; I mean, she’s still Anne Hathaway. ;)

  • mmmmmmcz

    what ass?

  • reck

    LMAO a waste of a post. She has no business here. What a bland and boring person.

  • Billy Bob

    @second WTF???? My moms been dead for a few years now so what ever works for you, DUMBASS! As far as my dad goes I’m into WOMEN and I’m not from the south. So if that’s how you do it in YOUR family, go seek some help, you sick FUCK! Stick to commenting on the women so you don’t embarrass yourself anymore or hurt that pea sized brain of yours, you CUM DUMPSTER!

  • Tank

    Yuk! There is no ass at all! Where’s the bubble butt women at?

  • Richard Head

    She’s kind of cute sometimes but she’s not working with much ass.

  • http://Yahoo serka

    Wow that ass is boring as hell I’d jerk it to my own girl before her

  • J. Meoffe

    can’t jack the ol’ cock 50 times a day like the good ol’ days so on this average ass I’ll have to pass

  • bootyologist

    WTF is this? are you serious? LOL

  • jigsawtime

    gold, my catwoman

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