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A 24 year old college girl with an epic booty that could easily kick your ass

esaleanI’m sitting here eating Teddy Grahams while this girl @esalean is hanging upside down from a punching bag doing sit ups. That’s why she has washboard abs and a chain that can support her weight and I have, well… a gut covered in Teddy Graham crumbs. Check it out: Read the rest of this entry »


Leg day has never looked so good



Creep shots of a college girl with a small booty at a soccer game

Dat ass. Via @KingCon31. + 2 more pics


22 Perfect College Girls In Yoga Pants

Every girl here looks like wife, girlfriend, or at least friend with benefits material. Which pic is your fav? Read the rest of this entry »


College Volleyball Girls In Yoga Shorts

GIYP fan Alex submitted this pic he claims was recently snapped of his college’s volleyball team. While we appreciate the view, but our sources tell us this picture has been around the internet since at least 2010. Not that we’re complaining, Alex can lie to us all day if it means delivering top quality booty.

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