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Lululemon Claims Their New Yoga Pants Won’t Show Camel Toe or Booty

Lululemon has announced they are about to make a horrible mistake. Refinery29 reports that the company will revamp it’s entire line of yoga pants, using new materials and “compression” in the architecture of their new pants.

Enemy #1 in Lulu’s crosshairs? The camel toe. A Lululemon employee gave this statement to Refinery29 about how they plan to attack the toe: “The anti-camel-toe gusset is a new feature on our All The Right Places pant, and it’s something that we knew was still an experience that many of our guests were having.” I don’t know what the hell a gusset is, but I don’t like that spokesperson’s attitude. (Related: 70 Photos: The Camel Toe Extravaganza)

Prices for their pants range from $78 to $148.

This is the biggest revamp Lulu’s pants have undergone since Transparentgate in 2013, when they recalled a bunch of “defective” yoga pants for being “too transparent.” Worst recall ever. (Related: 75 Photos: See-Through Yoga Pants Make The World A Better Place)


UPDATED: The Camel Toe Extravaganza (70 PHOTOS)

camel-toe-frontWe recently learned from a member of our page on Facebook that they call yoga pants mumble pants in Australia. The reasoning is the pants are so tight you can see the lips moving, but you can’t actually understand what they’re saying. We think that’s pretty damn hilarious, so we decided to spread the ‘mumble pants’ message with 30 new pics of camel toes! That brings the total to an unbelievable 70 camel toes in one post! Including some of your favorites, like The Cougar! So unzip, and enjoy. Unless you’re at work… you should probably wait until you get home. Read the rest of this entry »


Thigh gap, yoga shorts and camel toe

thigh-gap-001If that’s whiskey in that glass, I’d marry her. If it’s tea, well.. I’d probably still marry her, it’ll just take a lot more time to convince her.

Redditor with a tight booty shows off her camel toe in white shorts

redditor-in-yoga-pants-006You know you want to see her camel toe. Read the rest of this entry »


Friday Frontal: The Cougar’s Camel Toe

the-cougar-001As if that was enough, there’s a pic of her in her bra and unbuttoned jeans waiting for you below. Click here to check it out ›

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