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Video of a camel toe on public transit

If you can’t tell that half your pants are inside your vagina, you might have bigger problems than a camel toe in public.

Blonde model with an epic camel toe

camel-toeIs this real life?

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Amateur Yoga Pants Camel Toe

camel-toeA fan snapped a picture of his girlfriend’s camel toe.

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Lululemon Claims Their New Yoga Pants Won’t Show Camel Toe or Booty

Lululemon has announced they are about to make a horrible mistake. Refinery29 reports that the company will revamp it’s entire line of yoga pants, using new materials and “compression” in the architecture of their new pants.

Enemy #1 in Lulu’s crosshairs? The camel toe. A Lululemon employee gave this statement to Refinery29 about how they plan to attack the toe: “The anti-camel-toe gusset is a new feature on our All The Right Places pant, and it’s something that we knew was still an experience that many of our guests were having.” I don’t know what a gusset is, but I don’t like that spokesperson’s attitude.

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Prices for their pants range from $78 to $148.

This is the biggest revamp Lulu’s pants have undergone since Transparentgate in 2013, when they recalled a bunch of “defective” yoga pants for being “too transparent.” Worst recall ever.

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