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The Cougar sent us a pic of her naked in the shower + New pink yoga pants pic

The infamous GIYP Cougar just sent us this shot of her glorious booty in pink yoga pants, and also gave us a pic of her legendary ass completely bare in the shower.

Unfortunately, the party police tell us we aren’t allowed to post nudes on our public website, but you can see her shower pic & more in the private GIYP sponsors section. Sponsoring GIYP starts at one cent and gets you full access to pics like this, a completely ad-free version of the website, and other perks. See full details here.


The Cougar In Red Yoga Pants & Naked In The Shower

Nothing brightens up my day like getting some new pics from The Cougar. Especially when one of them is like that shower pic at the very end of these. Read the rest of this entry »

In light of all the naked celebrities crowding the internet, here is a fully clothed Playboy Playmate (6 pics)

audrey-allenAlright, so she’s partially clothed. Whatever. The point is, seeing naked ladies is great, but only when they send you the photos or want them to be public. While we’re not ashamed to admit we enjoyed the leaked photos as much as everyone else, we thought we would go a different route this Labor Day and post pictures of a woman who is normally naked, fully clothed.

audrey-allen-1If you haven’t met @MissAudreyAllen until now, your life is about to get a hell of a lot better. Oh, and while she’s supposed to stay “fully clothed”, there may or may not be a handbra pic waiting for you below. Click here for 4 more pics ›


That’s the first thing you think when you see a smoking hot babe wearing pants like these. Thankfully, yoga pants do an incredible job anyways so I don’t think anyone’s complaining. A visitor who would like to remain anonymous found these pics on the front page of Reddit and thought you might be interested in see them. My vote goes to the girl dressed as a horse. Which booty do prefer? High-res pics


blondemilf-1Looks like your Monday morning just became excellent! Whether you rolled out of the right or wrong side of the bed, here’s 46 pics of this incredibly hot MILF stripping out of her yoga pants for you to drool over all morning long.blondemilf-2 If she looks familiar, your eyes are not deceiving you; she’s appeared a few times and we previously dubbed her “The World’s Hottest MILF” – a title we believe she lives up to today. You’ll likely agree if you take on this adventure.. Hint: A wild butt plug appears. Click here for 46 pics!

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